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ADG K92 over-ear, closed-back headphones provide the accuracy you need for professional monitoring , recording and rehearsing.


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AKG K92 Closed Back Headphones
Pros: Inexpensive
10 foot cable (3 meters)
Sounds great on EDM and modern recordings.
Very comfortable
Cons: Not great on all recordings
Captive cable
I bought a TASCAM 4 track digital recorder (DR-40X) and it came with a free pair of AKG K92 cans. These normally sell for ~$60 at Guitar Center, so they were a good add on.

I sure don't need any more over-the-ear headphones, so I was going to leaved them shrink-wrapped and sell them; but of course, my curiosity got the better of me and I opened the box.

These were described as "Professional Monitoring Headphones", so they are closed-back (to prevent music leakage into open mics).

32 ohms makes them easy to drive, even from a phone or portable device.

The cans feature a wopping 10 foot cable! Unfortunately, the cable is permanently attached, so if you damage it, you will need to get out your soldering iron. I'd recommend you solder in an 1/8" jack in the Left earcup, so future repairs will be instant.

Included in the box is a 1/8" to 1/4" screw on adapter, so you can use it on any standard unbalanced source.


A handsome headphone for $60...

The cans are rather lightweight at 7oz (200gm) and were very comfortable to wear for a few hours.

The Left and Right ear markers are printed on the inside of the drivers, no tiny print to hunt for


The earpads are removable, and the headband is screwed on (rather than glued). They look like they could be serviced if necessary.

The Sound

I first tried them plugged into the DR40X, to use them how they were intended, as studio monitors. They worked fine for that. Low leakage, very efficient cans.

But of course I wanted to see how they sounded with a good source.

I had just replaced the internal battery in a friend's Pioneer XDP-100R player, so that seem ideal as a test bed.

The 32 ohm cans were easy for the XDP to drive, so the volume ran about 100-104 on most tracks.

For most of the music my friend had on his player, the cans were not that exciting. Rather flat, almost cardboard sounding delivery. I was not impressed.

But, then I found a track, "God Is A Woman" by Ariana Grande that had deep sub bass. Wow, these cans could deliver the goods.

So I looked for other, modern, EDM tracks, like "Professional Griefers" by deadmau5 and again these cans could go deep. Nice, clear, non-fatiguing delivery.

So these cans are great on modern music, but kinda stiff on classic rock or acoustic tracks.

Probably better than any $60 cans should be, so recommend, with reservations.
I recently purchased AKG K245. $89.00 reduced to $59.00 but I had to pay for mine >>> LOL I have the same conclusion as you. Probably better than any $60 cans should be ...
Enjoy your new toys!!!
Closer back and how’s the isolation and noise leakage?
boxster233 They are not the best, could just be my small head but they do not seal as good as a pair of sony 1a. They are also nowhere near as comfortable.


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