AKG K520

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Voiced to deliver the realistic, flat frequency response that music professionals insist on, AKG K 520 semi-open headphones are true hi-fi performers, reproducing your favourite music the way your favourite musicians intended for it to be heard. And with an all-new headband design, they’ll fit comfortably for hours of continuous listening. The K 520s are lightweight and fold flat for easy transport, so they make it easy to enjoy realistic hi-fi sound anywhere.

Optimised for MP3, iPod, iPhone, CD players and portable gaming systems, if you love crystal clear sound whilst listening to music, then these are the earphones for you.

The AKG K520 semi-openheadphones feature an oxygen-free cable and deliver high fidelity, balancedsound to bring out the best in all your music.

The headband design means the K520 headphones will fitcomfortably hours of continuous listening. The K520 headphones fold flat for easy carrying.

Latest reviews

Pros: Flat response. Clear sound with a wide frequency response.
Cons: Fragile headband. Might sit tightly on some peoples ears.
For the prize, these sound amazing! I was extremly happy about my purchase until the headband broke. I only used them normally, with no extreme stretching at all. It is made of fragile plastic. This happened after just one month of usage. I might try to build a custom headband, and keep the cups :)

Also, for me, a person with a big head and hair, the headphones sits quite tightly. I have the headband extended to the largest.
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Pros: light, very comfortable, good sounding, nice "cloth" covered cable with 1/4" screw on jack adapter
Cons: fragile headband
I bought these headphones 6 months ago. They sounded really nice in comparison to Senn PX100. I would say a lot better than PX100. Bass was fuller but not boomy, highs were better too. Maybe the bass was little muddy but it got a little bit better with time and it sounded more concrete after a few weeks. Generally the sound was well-balanced for the price. I play guitar so I was suddenly able to hear a major difference in guitar sound. Cymbals sounded a lot better too and they were not hiding anymore. (I was using ESI Maya44 headphone output to drive them)
They are super-comfortable. That 2 axis system is great and they sit on your ears nicely. I was using them everyday for few hours nonstop without any discomfort and you can forget you have them on easily because they are really light.
The problem is the headband. It's possible I just had a bad pair of headphones but mine broke at 2 spots after less then six months. No extreme headband stretching, no falls just everyday indoor use.
I don't think I will buy them again despite the fact I was really happy with the sound and comfort.


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