Studio quality headphones with improved response and 55 ohms rated impedance. The new XXL speakers...


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  • Studio quality headphones with improved response and 55 ohms rated impedance. The new XXL speakers with Varimotion diaphragms provide higher sensitivity for a wider dynamic range and a more powerful sound. This semi-open design with a plugin cable delivers powerful bass and sparkling highs at a very attractive price/performance ratio.

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  1. fubar3
    "AKG K141 MK II is worth a try"
    Pros - Good sound, spare pads, 2 cables, self-adjusting
    Cons - May be a poor fit for small children and large adults
    The K141 is a recent addition to my headphone family. Here I compare it to the other phones I have, the audio-technica M50-S and the Sennheniser HD238.
    The K141 comes with leatherette pads, a straight cable, and a gold plug adapter.  The box includes velour pads and a coiled cable as options. Your preferred cable is firmly plugged into the left phone and has a release button.  There are only 3 pins in the connector which I suppose might introduce some crosstalk in the common ground.
    The box states that the product is rugged and loud. I tend to agree that it is sturdy but I don't find the phones loud.  They require more voltage to drive 55 ohms. However, the difference is neglible given the log scale of decibels. They work unamped with a Sansa Fuze MP3 player.
    The box states ideal for single-ear use.  I don't get that since the phones cannot rotate. I like that the phones are gimballed such that they settle into a snug, but comfortable position.
    Compared to the M50-S, the K141 has softer bass, less sparkle, but more comfort for extended use.  The M50 has either a straight cable or a coiled one. But the K141 has both and I found the coiled cable better for my situation.
    Compared to the HD238, I prefer the K141 for midrange response and noise isolation. But the HD238 is more comfortable for extended use.  After an hour with the K141, my ears tingle as they resume their normal position.
    I typically use the K141 at the office where they help me focus while coding. They are driven by a Fubar DAC.  It's mostly for background where I sometimes notice something I like.  I remove the phones every 40 minutes while I go for a walk or talk to someone. It is an enjoyable flow.

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