Aerial7 Pheonix Storm With In-Line Mic


100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Strong bass, durable, good length cord
Cons: Ear pads are stiff when new, connector doesn't work with everything
First let me say that I LOVE these phones, the have awesome bass, decent mids and tamed highs which is what I like, if you're someone who likes sparkling highs, these aren't for you. These also work very well if you are like me and wear your headphones on the back of your neck.
A couple things I don't like, the connector has the 3 rings on it so that when you connect it to a phone it will power the in-line microphone but this kind of prevents it from operating on older equipment. I have an 11 year old Sony CD Walkman and this headphone will not work with this Walkman because the connector is made for modern devices.
The other thing is the ear pads were horribly stiff when I first got them, so much so that I switched therm out for a pair of pads off a pair of Panasonic's I had, after doing this it made them quite comfortable to wear. 
Long and short of this is I would highly recommend these to someone who loves bass heavy headphones.