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  1. Calypso

    Meier Audio Daccord

    So...I tried it, and it didn't work that well. It played the music plenty loud even at 2V output, but the fine details were missing, and the sound was kind of "muddy/dark-ish". I guess the impedance mismatch is to be blamed. A separate amplifier is definitely the better solution.
  2. Calypso

    Meier Audio Daccord

    Exactly. I don't have an amp for the moment, and it will probably be a couple of months, before I have the funds for one. In the meantime I just have the output from the Computer, which kind of sucks ;-). But I am also interested in the theory of this. You can power high ohm headphones from a...
  3. Calypso

    Meier Audio Daccord

    Since the Daccord DAC has a powerful volume controlled preamp output (6 volts on the highest setting), I'm toying with the idea of connecting my headphones directly to the RCA outputs. The input impedance of the Classic amp is 18 KOhm, and my phones have an impedance of 38 Ohm...quite a...
  4. Calypso

    NAD Viso HP50 : Another superb headphone from Paul Barton?

    Maybe this can help?
  5. Calypso

    Nuforce HA-200: High performance, Single Ended, Class-A Headphone Amplifier

      Here´s the inside of the Hap-100. A nice PSU on the right, and the actual sound board on the left.     The Hap-100 is $595 and the HA-200 is $349. I´m a bit worried about, how much amplifier you can actually get nowadays for $349?
  6. Calypso

    Nuforce HA-200: High performance, Single Ended, Class-A Headphone Amplifier

    The current drive is getting popular for driving headphones. But as opposed to the Questyle CMA800R or the Bakoon HPA-21 the pricing is very low. I am mildly intrigued/interested .
  7. Calypso

    Meier Audio Daccord

    It´s the same with Win 7. My Nuforce HDP never had a problem with sleep mode.
  8. Calypso

    Meier Audio Daccord

    Yes, and the question is whether the C-MEDIA CM6631 USB circuit in the Daccord does that. The next logical step would be to use a USB cable that only carries the data signal from the computer.
  9. Calypso

    Meier Audio Daccord

    I´m considering using a separate USB psu for the usb input on the Daccord, Does this make sence, or will it be total overkill? I have seen other DACs supplying the USB input with power from the internal power supply. The idea is to separate the USB input from the noisy power supply of the...
  10. Calypso

    Buying Schiit in the UK

  11. Calypso

    REVIEW (in progress) - Nuforce HDP 24/96 USB-Optical 24/192 Coax DAC Preamp and Headphone Amp

    Pop it open and check for loose connections/wires/solder joints.   
  12. Calypso

    Asus 3-in-1 'audiophile grade USB DAC'

    Balanced operation with 2 mini XLR sockets AND an analog input (most digital DAC/amp units are missing this option).  
  13. Calypso

    NuForce UDH-100

    Quote: Yep, that´s what I figured. The lower price of the UDH-100 is interesting, but for the price of the DAC-80 there are other options (Audiolab M-DAC?) out there. At least here in Europe.
  14. Calypso

    NuForce UDH-100

    I´m thinking of upgrading my Nuforce HDP (mostly using the DAC and PRE option/function), and have been trying to figure out the differences of the UDH-100, DAC-80 and DAC-100. Not the input/output options but the hardware used inside. The DAC/amp board and even the USB board inside the UDH-100...
  15. Calypso

    Aune T1 help

    Hmm..the Aune X1 has a very high gain, but maybe that´s not the case with the T1?
  16. Calypso

    Battery for nuforce icon hdp
  17. Calypso

    [GUIDE] How To Properly Dampen Your Beyerdynamic T1

    I´m going to try this as well. And since I am in the EU, I´m getting the felt from
  18. Calypso

    The tip of my 1/4" jack on my HE-500's just broke off inside my DAC!

    Double sided tape..hmm... Either it will stick to the inside of the socket, or it´s not strong enough. Think of the force it takes to pull out a jackplug..all because of that little spring in the back.. Epoxy might be a good idea. It will give you 5-10 mins. before it cures. But it will feel...
  19. Calypso

    The tip of my 1/4" jack on my HE-500's just broke off inside my DAC!

    Quote: Well, it´s a pretty delicate operation, if the tip is stuck all the way back in the socket. Maybe a stick with some super glue on it? But you have to move fast, and try not to get stuck to something else on your way in . Worst case scenario: You replace the socket. If you use a...
  20. Calypso

    philips fidelio x1 vs hifiman he-400 (stronger natural midrange?)

    Quote: Yeah, it must be possible to figure out a way to replace the pads.  
  21. Calypso

    Review: Violectric HPA V200 amp

    Quote: Who needs ideas, when you have a manual?..
  22. Calypso

    Asus Essence One - Ridiculously Loud?

    Quote: Yes, the gain is too high. The Muses edition has a gain switch (allegedly?) , but your basic version does not have that . Also the HD650 has a rather high sensitivity, so that does not help either. 
  23. Calypso

    CEntrance DACmini DAC/Amplifier Official Thread

    Quote: Would there be an improvement to the Dacmini as well, if you replaced the original switchmode PSU with a linear PSU like the S11?
  24. Calypso

    New Schiit Magni not turning on

    You have probably fried the wall-wart. Try and talk to Schiit and find a solution.
  25. Calypso

    Save 30% on Comply Foam Tips!

    Tips got shipped on 04.02.2013 from the US, and I received them in Denmark 2 days later!!  I´m impressed!!