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  1. Psychonautic

    Xuelin Ihifi 800, a brief introduction

    Can you tell me will IHIFI 800 be a good pair to my Unique Melody Merlin earphones?   I doubt because of low imperdance and hybrid construction of them. Maybe somebody even tested this pair and can give any impressions?  
  2. Psychonautic

    FiiO X7 | DXD | DSD | 384K/64B | ESS9018+ Android | WiFi | Bluetooth | 4 AMP modules | Balanced Out |

    Even 2 inch screen is more than enough! No touchscreen but buttons are fine.   And such things as wifi, bluetooth on a player are not needed at all! Android is also not a good idea..  
  3. Psychonautic

    Review of Hidizs AP100 portable HiFi music player

    I wanna try this player with Unique Melody Merlin 12Ohm CIEM's. Will it be possible to use them together? I mean will the noise level be critical and will player be able to pair with low imperdance earphones?  
  4. Psychonautic

    Hisoundaudio Studio V 3rd Anniversary Edition Review

    Good evening all!  Im also a user of Hisound Studio V device, but in original revision, not 3rd anniversary! If someone can give me an advice i would be happy!   Currently listening via UE Triple Fi 10 with a custom cable. Few weeks ago i was completely tired of the ergonomic of my...
  5. Psychonautic

    Choosing CIEM's for long time listening. Requesting some help and info's

    Looking closer on JH Audio JH13 Pro Freqphase and it looks good to me. UM Merlin is what i can listen and JH13 will be a blind purchase.. Still doubt..  
  6. Psychonautic

    Choosing CIEM's for long time listening. Requesting some help and info's

    Hi everybody! Im now choosing a CIEM and need just a few advices about where i should look at. Will be thankful for any help you can give me!   Now im having a Hisound Studio V source and UE Triple Fi10 with a cable from Vesperaudio (110$ model). Im plannin to get CIEM first and change...
  7. Psychonautic

    Hisoundaudio STUDIO-V Review

    Hello to all, let it be my first post here and im wanna share some experience.   3 days since i've became an owner of Hisound Studio V.   Using SanDisk 64gb Class 10 card fully loaded with FLAC without problems. Card is formatted to FAT32 by SDFormatter then Guiformat.  Player is...