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  1. christsay

    Balanced cable for Etymotic ER-4?

    Perhaps my google skills are lacking but I don't see any balanced cables available for the Etymotic ER-4 range, is there a fundamental reason why this is not possible or is it just lack of demand (and possible connectors?).   -chris
  2. christsay

    Issues with USB 3.0?

    Should be ok, there was an issue with USB audio interfaces and the Haswell iMacs that was fixed with 10.9.2, I believe other Haswell Macs had the same issue but seems all good now.   -chris
  3. christsay

    pupDAC Step-by-Step Build Thread

      It's like the GrubDAC.   -chris
  4. christsay

    pupDAC Step-by-Step Build Thread

    correct that is how mine behaves, same as the GrubDAC's I've built and a Headroom Micro DAC.   -chris
  5. christsay

    my DAC design - pup1 DAC

    Just finished up the build and everything is working great.  Thanks for the great design and kit guys!   Also, just want to say that customer services at beezar is awesome!  Mouser miscounted and only put five of the ferrites in the bag instead of 6, Tom shipped out two ferrites the day...
  6. christsay

    Active speakers - DAC out - Volume control?

    Should work, I'm using  neutrik xlr/rca adapters to connect a pair of KRK V4 active monitors to a grubDAC.   For volume control I'm using a NHT PVC Pro inline between the lineout of the grubDAC and the monitors, works great.  ...
  7. christsay

    PPA v2 construction discussion

    yeah, looked a bit tight for that.  The expressPCB 'standard' process isn't completely cost prohibitive but I'd loose the silkscreen and the solder mask... if I did it I'll let you know so I can send something  your way.   -chris 
  8. christsay

    PPA v2 construction discussion

    Looks like a 2-layer board?   -chris   Quote:  
  9. christsay

    Picking tools, tips, etc. for DIY?

    My noob experience, just recently built a pimeta v2.  Previous projects were some random kits but nothing audio related.   I picked up the cheapest drill press I could find at Harbor Freight and have been really happy with it for light duty stuff...
  10. christsay

    PIMETA v2 and occasional 'click' noise

    Pics of a KK pin that was being problematic... 
  11. christsay

    PIMETA v2 and occasional 'click' noise

      Thanks for the response!     I felt dirty stacking that many sockets...   Quote:   Yeah, a quick google search didn't turn up any widespread issues with the KKs so it's probably a personal problem.  I've had the amp running for about an hour now and the funny thing is now...
  12. christsay

    PIMETA v2 and occasional 'click' noise

    Hmm, so I think I might have found the problem.  I decided to do another pass of cleaning the board, and when I got the amp hooked back up together I had garbage coming out of it.  Turns out that I think my molex connectors are dodgy... The solder connections looks solid, but I squirted some...
  13. christsay

    PIMETA v2 and occasional 'click' noise

    Just finished stuffing the board and hooking up the IO jacks, not cased yet and is just hanging out in the panavise.  This is my first DIY audio project, I've soldered a few simple electronics kits before and I have a background in ECE (I design microprocessors for a living).     Amp has...
  14. christsay

    Best Laptop Headphone out?

    I've heard good things about the echo indigo:
  15. christsay

    Wear and tear on HD 600s

    Hey, so are anyone elses HD 600s 'chipping' on the headband? The paint/finish on mine has started to chip and I wondering if I'm the only one. When I first got mine I put them down on the desk when not in use, but then I noticed the chipping and now I put them on a soft surface instead...