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  1. Kimx2310

    *The* most comfortable headphones possible for work?

    Personally i use the K550 (with a modmic) for lan events and they are very comfortable, almost no clambing force and big cushions. I also have the Sony MDR-1R which also are very comfortable mainly because of it's angled drivers and light weight. They both use pleather though so they do get a...
  2. Kimx2310

    Why the Beats Hate?

    I don't particularly have a problem with the beats headphone, they can celebrity endorse it all they want, they can sell it for whatever price they want, they can put whatever sound signature in it they want.   So i don't care that they're selling it, no what i care about is that they're...
  3. Kimx2310

    Portable, comfy, on-ear recommendation. Maybe over-ear

    Between them all i feel that the most comfortable would be like this DT1350>Momentum>V-moda M80>Amperior. I wasn't that good with the Amperior because to me the clamping force was too high.   I must also mention my head is also slightly bigger than average and i also have fairly big ears. So...
  4. Kimx2310

    Upgrade for M80s

    Would help if you said what your budget is. Anyway the most obvious choice would be the V-Moda M100.   Or if you can find it somewhere i think the Denon D2000 is really great. They are discontinued so may be a bit hard to find.   Beyerdynamics DT 770 is also an option as well as the not...
  5. Kimx2310

    Portable, comfy, on-ear recommendation. Maybe over-ear

    It would help if you could say what kind of music you listen to, would narrow down the search a bit. Anyway from the top of my head i can list   <100 euro Philips Downtown (very comfortable) JVC HA-S500 (this one seems the be very popular 'round here so i highly suggest you check some...
  6. Kimx2310

    Headphone for home use (movies, music, gaming)

    No the MDR-1R are not comparable, it's a great headphone no doubt but it's for portable use, so it cannot compare to headphones that are meant for home or studio use.   But i think the HE-300 would be a good choice, i read a couple of reviews on it and almost all say that you won't lose...
  7. Kimx2310

    Headphone for home use (movies, music, gaming)

    If you're looking for good bass presence the Senns are not the headphones you're looking for, the Beyers are quite good and do have a pretty good bass though it's highs can be somewhat piercing for some but if you are one the people who doesn't mind or maybe find it better then those are ones to...
  8. Kimx2310

    Headphone for home use (movies, music, gaming)

    If you want to spend all the money you can go get a Hifiman HE-300 which is $250 on Amazon, haven't heard it yet but judging from the review it should be a really amazing headphone.   If that gets too steep i would say that you should go for the HD598 which is a really good headphone that is...
  9. Kimx2310

    Ever Pass Down the Headphone Hobby?

    I'm slowly trying to get my sister to get into headphones and good sound, basically by lending her my gear and gifting her some relatively cheap good IEM's (like the Vsonic GR02 Bass)   It's an uphill battle i'll tell ya, for once she doesn't like to spend money and second the music she...
  10. Kimx2310

    PRESS RELEASE: Bang & Olufsen announces BeoPlay H3 and H6 headphones

    These look amazing, though i must admit B&O headphones (and to some degree their speakers) never was something to write home about, not compared to their price at least. So i'm not really expecting anything.   I actually visited their HQ and factory in Struer, Denmark not that long ago and i...
  11. Kimx2310

    What did you want when you first got into this hobby? And what do you have now?

    Quote: Most used is my Philips Fidelio X1 hooked up up to my Yamaha RX-V765 reciever which oddly is better than my Fiio E17 for driving them. For traveling or if i'm visiting my parents i use my AKG K550 with the E17, i also use them for lan parties. For on the go it's the JVC FXT90...
  12. Kimx2310

    What did you want when you first got into this hobby? And what do you have now?

    Started when i heard the HD800 while wandering around in a hifi-store, it was hooked up to some crazy expensive tube amp. What i heard could be descriped as angels singing and i knew that i needed to get them somehow.   Though i've always been interested in speakers, headphones was just...
  13. Kimx2310

    You Know You're an Audiophile When.. Version 2!

    Quote: Put some wide-bored biflanges on it, i put some on that i got with my brainwavz and they're really great.   When you take several headphones with you while traveling despite having very limited space in your luggage.
  14. Kimx2310

    You Know You're an Audiophile When.. Version 2!

    When you know the owner of a music store (who also sells headphones) and he shows you his new headphone stock everytime you visit even though he knows you're only gonna buy something 1 out of 50 times.   Also when you give your apple earbuds away because they're too crappy.
  15. Kimx2310

    You Know You're an Audiophile When.. Version 2!

    YKAAW you make sure to guide your siblings to buy good headphones, that way you can also get them to buy a pair of headphones you don't want to buy yourself because you feel you already have a pair thats better, but you still want to hear them.
  16. Kimx2310

    You Know You're an Audiophile When.. Version 2!

    When one of you favorite pastimes is headphone spotting.
  17. Kimx2310

    Best Workout Phones

    The B&W C5 mainly because there's not a lot of cable noise and they don't fall out. Have to EQ the bass down though but then they're also quite good. I only use them when doing strength traning I can't use them while running, it messes with my rhythm.
  18. Kimx2310

    The top-tier (USD 300+) "Bassy enough basshead IEM" list.

    The B&W C5, they are really bassy, the quality is quite good and there is a lot of punch and some really good sub bass and it doesn't mess much with the mids and highs. But there is just so much of it so it takes a lot of the space, frankly they're are too bassy for me. Don't ask me why i bought...
  19. Kimx2310

    You Know You're an Audiophile When.. Version 2!

    ^ He's actually a really good reviewer. Just subscribed to him.   ... When you put on music while cleaning but never get to vacuuming because you wanna hear the songs playing -.-
  20. Kimx2310

    What headphones are you wearing right now?

    Still my X1's listening to She Wants by Metronomy
  21. Kimx2310

    Best-than beats mixr at less price, and equal passive isolation

    For 200 euro you might as well be getting the Sony MDR-1R (which on amazon DE is down from 249 to 200 euro). I like the COP (though i only heard it very briefly) but for the few minutes i heard it, i liked the Sony much more.
  22. Kimx2310

    You Know You're an Audiophile When.. Version 2!

    When you make up reasons why you would need another pair of headphones.   and when you do the air guitar on the street.
  23. Kimx2310

    You Know You're an Audiophile When.. Version 2!

    When you see a guy is selling a bunch of headphones with box and receipt for dirt cheap, and you consider cancelling you ski trip with your girlfriend and friends just so you can afford to buy a whole bunch of them..   Here are the prices i just converted them to USD so you can see this...
  24. Kimx2310


    I just tested it and it is indeed so. Though i wouldn't say a lot, maybe 2-4 mm.
  25. Kimx2310

    Best in-ear or iem under $50

    If you would post your music preferences we could see what kind of sound you're looking for.   Though i would say the Vsonic GR02 Bass edition is a good choice or if you're looking for a more neutral sound the Vsonic VC02 is also a good contender.   EDIT: just saw you had a double tread...