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  1. Sattelight

    Budget Sport IEM recommendation

    Hello folks, I'm looking for some recommendations for some good IEMs for weightlifting.I have not kept up with headphones for the last several years so I am quite out of the loop. I've learned not to trust the lists that google brings up when searching for headphones but if you have any links...
  2. Sattelight

    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    Ah, I just watched "Come and See" so yeah, I get where you're coming from. That definitely makes sense. I think my conception of MI:3 was that it was suppose to be one of those "just for fun/entertainment" movies where, if it's not fun to watch, then there isn't really any value in it as...
  3. Sattelight

    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    I'm just curious but how does a movie that is "no fun at all to watch" deserve a 7.75/10?
  4. Sattelight

    I need some help with deciding on Hifiman RE-400 vs. Shure SE215 vs. Vsonic GR07

    Haven't heard the e80 but I was extremely impressed with the HP150 (their full-sized cans) for what that's worth.
  5. Sattelight

    I need some help with deciding on Hifiman RE-400 vs. Shure SE215 vs. Vsonic GR07

    GR07 is very good in my opinion but quite different from the RE400. GR07 has more bass and treble and can be fairly sibilant at times (but its not a problem for most well-recorded material) while the RE400 is much more mid-focused with a much tamer treble. The build quality on the GR07 does seem...
  6. Sattelight

    Your top 5 best recorded albums

    Should be a fun thread. I'm gonna go ahead and highlight a track from each album   1. Talking Heads - More Songs About Buildings and Food: Stay Hungry   2. Nick Drake - Pink Moon: Place To Be   3. Brian Eno: Another Green World: St. Elmo's Fire   4. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue: Flamenco...
  7. Sattelight

    DAP that supports Google Play Music app?

    Hello all, I'm looking for a DAP that I can use with the Google Play Music app. Are there any players out there that are capable of doing this?   I am aware that there are some DAPs that run android but I'm not sure if they can install apps from the app store...
  8. Sattelight

    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    Alex Proyas said some thing along these lines in a Facebook post defending his movie Gods of Egypt. I'll go ahead and quote a snippet because it's pretty interesting.   "Seems most critics spend their time trying to work out what most people will want to hear. How do you do that? Why these...
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    Yeah I made sure to order mine before I posted haha
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    Hifiman RE 600 for $109 from Sonic Electronix
  11. Sattelight

    Comfort up to the mid $100s range?

    For flying, I would strongly recommend getting some of the bose noise canceling headphones. Pricey and sound pretty terrible but the noise cancelling is flat-out amazing which is priceless if you travel often. They are also pretty comfortable compared to others I've tried (and the sound isn't...
  12. Sattelight

    Help choosing between $100 IEMs

    Sorry i do not have the LG's to compare.   Putting sound into to words is very difficult, especially since everybody hears things differently. All you can do is read as many impressions as possible and then compare those impressions to what you hear. After doing that a few times with...
  13. Sattelight

    Help choosing between $100 IEMs

    I've only heard the gr07 classic, re400 and ie2s so I will restrict my comments to those.      Based on this I think you may really enjoy the re400's. They're very balanced with a slight midrange emphasis and very good clarity, especially for iems. Anything with good female vocals...
  14. Sattelight

    Headphone recommendations for Metal?

    Mr speakers mad dogs are great with metal. Metal never sounded good on any of my other headphones til I got these. Also work very well with glasses
  15. Sattelight

    Hi Headfiers, Advice needed :) and Merry Christmas~~

    You do not need to worry about a pre-amp. That would be used to amplify a signal to line level. Your DAC will already output at line level so you only need a chain of source->DAC->amp>headphones. The fiio e17 can output a line level signal via a fiio L7 dock or can send an amplified signal via...
  16. Sattelight

    Listener Fatigue?

    Frequency response and dynamic range are indeed entirely separate constructs, which can independently lead to listener fatigue. Frequency response refers to bass, treble, mids etc.Different headphones will emphasize different areas of the frequency response. This can be measured and compared to...
  17. Sattelight

    Listener Fatigue?

    If you use foobar, there is a component available ( that will analyze the files. You can also check the Dynamic Range Database ( for dynamic range values. Different releases of the same album will have different values...
  18. Sattelight

    Listener Fatigue?

    As said above, high frequencies are a major contributor. If you can lower the upper frequencies via EQ, that may help. For me a bigger problem is compressed recording in terms of dynamic range. When I got my Q701's, which are rather treble heavy, I found certain albums incredibly fatiguing to...
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    Flawless albums

      Started listening to some 60's era stuff a few months ago and finally got around to checking out the revered Pet Sounds. Simply incredible
  20. Sattelight

    Recommend me some good rap music! :) or EDM

    Mobb Deep: The Infamous Digable Planets: Reachin' (a new refutation of time and space) Dre: The Chronic, 2001 Outkast: pretty much everything For a great EDM album check out Since I Left You by The Avalanches
  21. Sattelight

    Is it me or my headphones?

    Sounds like you got jobbed. How long was the moneyback period?