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  1. Solodarn

    AD700 headband mod?

    Quote: Originally Posted by userlander I remember that thread. Those bars were really bent! do a search, you might find it. I think I got your post right here: Scan down the page a bit to find the picture. If they work...
  2. Solodarn

    HD555 vs AD700...

    Quote: Originally Posted by JayB18 If the AD700 fits too loose try bending the headband. It makes the clamping force greater. lol there is no need to go bending anything to make these phones fit on a head, at least not for the first attempt. When I first got my AD700s I was...
  3. Solodarn

    Is there life after ATH-AD700's?

    here is a quick question for you, with your electronic music are you focused more on songs that just have the music minus many vocals? While my music tastes vary quite a bit as well, my general focus is on electronic music including a lot in what could be called ambient but also some mixed with...
  4. Solodarn

    Ultimate Ears 700 and other etc...

    The christmas tree tips are double flange tips, and for me they generally work much better than the singles. It gives you a larger range to work with for getting a good fit and seal, the singles really either work or they just don't for me making me have to jump up to a much larger size which...
  5. Solodarn

    Amtrak Trains and headphone gear

    I was perusing over the amtrak site recently for items prohibited from the train as carry on and happened to notice the rather vague "anything valuable or fragile such as electronics" mentioned there despite allowing PDAs MP3 players etc and even rather encouraging people to bring them. I was...
  6. Solodarn

    Removing foam covers from DT-990 05s

    So yep Im trying to figure out, if it is possible, to remove that foam cover that protects the innards of my DT990. I think I have a hair that sneaked in there and I would like to try and remove it, but inspection of the headphones makes it seem not so removable. Anyone happen to know?
  7. Solodarn

    how tight should an iem seal be?

    Oh wow lol, I completely missed where you mentioned the phones being used. Sorry about that, I hate it when I see that happen in other threads. Umm, I don't know about the super fi 3s but with my super fi 5EBs there isn't that much isolation without music at all. Even with a good seal it just...
  8. Solodarn

    how tight should an iem seal be?

    It isn't going to just completely isolate you from the world without music going. The amount it shuts out varies between phones and it varies within the frequency range being heard from the outside world. Check out HeadRoom - Right Between Your Ears and check their comparison graphs. At the top...
  9. Solodarn

    Canal phones without massive bass?

    A real issue I have is that IEM, in general, is a bad term. The canal is all portions of the tube up to the tympanic membrane. The inner ear is past the membrane. Anything with the title of canal phone, then, would refer to something that enters any portion of the ear canal no matter how far...
  10. Solodarn

    Canal phones without massive bass?

    Yeah, ear canal phones are inner ear monitors. They both are meant to insert into the ear canal to some extent to stay in, this is what separates them from ear buds. The difference is how far in they go. Etys tend to have to go very deep, but they provide great isolation because of it and with...
  11. Solodarn

    Triple Flange Tips

    Give it a bit of time to have both your ears get accustomed to the feel of the tips deep in the ear canal and for the silicone tips to soften up a bit and mold to the shape of your ear. But yeah pulling up on the ear a bit and then inserting deep will give a good seal, but it will take a bit of...
  12. Solodarn 5 EB first impressions (upgraded from e2c)

    Yeah I had the same issue straight out of the box, wanted to love them but wasn't really feeling it with how it was sounding. After just 10-20 hours of some continual music burn in though it cleared up quite a bit. Im now quite pleased with these, and I agree with all posters that speak to these...
  13. Solodarn

    What is up with this?

    Yeah, at least with the etys, the flanges have to go deep into the ear. For me I often have the last bit of silicone just barely sticking out of the canal-for best sound I try and get the silicone to basically dissapear. I would imagine it might be the same, it is supposed to go deep into the...
  14. Solodarn

    SFP5 Pro VS SFP5 EB

    Yeah I agree with michaelbe3, I don't really feel like I'm missing out on anything and with my style of music it fits perfectly. While the bass is present (there really is like a little subwoofer next to the ear drum), it is done well. Though straight out of the box it didn't sound so hot.
  15. Solodarn

    Triple Flanges on ER6-i and E4c

    The triple flange on the er6i are just the medium sized double flange with an extra flange on the end. I imagine all ety silicone tips are the same as well between models.
  16. Solodarn

    idots guide to cans

    Number one should be to figure what your after imo. Music type, portability as you mentioned, needs for open or closed. Too often it seems people don't identify what it is they need from their phones and that makes the decision so much harder.
  17. Solodarn

    SFP5 Pro VS SFP5 EB

    Quote: Originally Posted by intoflatlines I think that the EB version might be overkill for some genres. I might go so far as to say just an outright bad choice for some genres, at the very least some songs.
  18. Solodarn

    Best introduction to the senn/grado sound signature

    Huzzah, thanks 1Time thats the kind of information I was looking for. I think the senn signature was looking more appealing to me anyway, but didn't want to bias anything.
  19. Solodarn

    SFP5 Pro VS SFP5 EB

    I have the EBs and I will say it has quite the bass hit, after several hours of use it has improved a bit. What I will say is pay attention to what kind of music you will listen to. I basically only listen to trance and other electronica and so I find the EBs to be alright for me. But I will...
  20. Solodarn

    Best introduction to the senn/grado sound signature

    Perhaps I should refine my question to make it clearer. These listed phones are ones that I have heard offer an alright introduction to their respective brands, their sound is a decent representation of the sound signature found in the higher priced models. Granted, limited by their price...
  21. Solodarn

    Best introduction to the senn/grado sound signature

    So I would like to get a feel for the sound signature of a couple other brands of phones, namely grado and sennheiser. And, seeing as how I would like to get a new phone soon, it seems like I might try it out now. The problem is that the place I see these phones getting the most use will not...
  22. Solodarn

    Straight Dope: Headphones & Bacteria

    lol all you bacteria naysayers should rejoice that you have the resident bacteria there. The vast majority of them are not harmful and, in fact, they eat up the resources and out-compete other bacteria that are harmful. Perhaps another way of thinking about this is headphones being way to boost...
  23. Solodarn

    UE Customs: How They Are Made!!

    Very nice. I'm not typically for camo anything but that one pair looked intriguing. Also at the start that tree design. Now if only I had the money, lol. Now im interested nin trying to find that first video, on to some random website I do suppose.
  24. Solodarn

    newb audiophile....bose?

    Your benefit with sticking under 100 or so bucks is that many of the phones have impedance ratings maxing out at ~60 ohms. Most of the time this is a resistance value that is easy enough to drive from a portable MP3 player or your computer without needing an amplifier. Higher ohms does not...
  25. Solodarn

    Bought the DT770 pro 80

    Whats important to note is that as you go to sleep thats prime time for you to play pink noise in phones that are otherwise not doing anything. Gives you a good 8 hours or so (~16 if your a business major!) that you can get in a day of burn in while your not going to be using them anyway...