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  1. Born2bwire

    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    Yeah, that was a quick 10 years wasn't it?   Quote:  
  2. Born2bwire

    Interest check: Chi-Uni-Fi/ve (5) November 12th 2011

    Hmmm...  I might try to find a way to get up there and see how old everybody has gotten.  Too bad it wasn't in Lisle though (have relatives in Naperville), that would be a no brainer but being in Northbrook would be trouble for me since I'm without a car.
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    What's the best headfi profile picture you've seen?

    Edwood always had a good run of avatars.
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    Quote:   If you are considering either the Merkur Classic or HD then I would suggest either the Edwin Jagger DE89L or the Muehle R89.  The DE89 and R89 have the same heads and while I prefer the styling of the Muehle's handle the Muehle is generally much more expensive.  But they...
  5. Born2bwire

    Buy HD800+Amp+Dac.......or pay off student loans.....hmmmmm

    I'd pay off the credit card debt.  As for the student loans, it depends.  What's the interest rate?  Mine is very low, so much that it's worth it to me to string out the payments as long as possible.  But seeing as you are not going to get any monetary return on the money that you get by not...
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    Quote: Actually I would say that an EJ (89DL is a good model) is a pretty good razor and not low-level.  Honestly, that's the nice thing about it too is that even if you buy the high end products (razor, soap/cream, and brush) the costs are still pretty low as long as you use the...
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    Ahhh, ok.  I'll take a look the next time I'm over there.  I normally get my tea at Ngan Kei Heung in Sheung Wan.  Not the cheapest but I like their house pu-er teas.  There's also Sing Seng Tea in TST or Causeway Bay but I think they are a little overpriced so I only buy from them if I find...
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    Well I don't get to travel outside of Hong Kong so I was just wondering who you normally get your tea from in Hong Kong.
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    Quote: Say, do you buy your tea locally?
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    Ahhh... so I guess it's safe to assume that the Uncle Erik I keep seeing on B&B is you...   Quote: I've been trying out the Muehle R89 and Mitchell's Wool Fat myself too.  Actually I got a crap load of soaps now, probably last me 2 years.  Oh well...
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    Quote: I had one of the Mosin Nagant carbines.  Fun little gun but a bit rough in the mechanism and I hated the straight bolt.  Honestly, the K98 mausers and their clones are the best.  I also had a Yugo K98k.  Man, the blueing on it and the laminate stock was beautiful.  Also had a M48...
  12. Born2bwire

    HD800 Sennheiser - Top SOLID STATE headphone amps

    Quote: I think that does kinda hit the Headroom niche.  Not that the amp is bad in any way, but the big advantage I think is in that it's a modular system that you can get in a package deal and comes with a lot of features (external power supply, cross-feed, gain selector, SE and...
  13. Born2bwire

    HD800 - am I missing something?

    After doing some extensive auditioning and having recently purchased the HD800's I would only recommend someone to buy them after being able to compare them with other headphones.  They aren't perfect, but at the very highend what you end up with are slight differences between the cans (hotter...
  14. Born2bwire

    Does Uncle Erik & Dugeh still post here?

    Quote: Yeah, I didn't notice that before.  That will make my stalking attempts much more frustrating.
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    Quote: I picked up a cake of this the other day:   Not bad.  My recollection was that it was large leaves with a strong smoky flavor.  I picked it up as an upcoming replacement for a similarly tasting cake I got from Ngan Ki Heung.  I...
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      Quote: /shiftyeyes.....   Haven't tried this place before.  I like to get mine from the Ngan Ki Heung Tea shop but they do not have an online site.  Other place I grab tea at now and then is Sun Sing ( ) but I think they are a bit more...
  17. Born2bwire

    Does Uncle Erik & Dugeh still post here?

    Quote: Bah, it happens every single frickin time something like this occurs.  It's always the same.  Head-fi is becoming corporatizationized, the community is too big and alien, I don't like the way things look.  I'll never understand it personally and I've been here almost since it...
  18. Born2bwire

    Ultra Desktop DAC Humming?

    Nothing, nobody?  Really? :(
  19. Born2bwire

    Petition: I would like the old site back (or other choice)

    The only problem I have is the eye bleeding white background.  We really need to be able to put in a darker color back there to save our eyes.  Other than that, having navigated the site for a while I do not have any real complaints about it.  It's nice to see some more integration of Head-fi...
  20. Born2bwire

    Does Captain Spaulding make you like or hate clowns??

    First thing I thought of.  No idea what the OP is talking about.     Oh hey, it's redshifter.  Hi!  /wave   Quote:
  21. Born2bwire

    Moving to HongKong in a few months...what to do with all the 110V gear?

    ...HKD a head at a pretty good place.  Lin Heung Kui and Lin Heung are pretty good, both the food and the experience.  Course you can pay a lot more (*cough*Maxim*cough*)...  That's the rule with most things in Hong Kong though.  You can spend very little money all the way up to a crap ton of...
  22. Born2bwire

    Moving to HongKong in a few months...what to do with all the 110V gear?

    Oh forgot about ordering.  It's just peachy because the best part of all is that Hong Kong is a free port.  No duty fees except for stuff like alcohol.  I ordered a full stack of gear from Headroom and got them maybe in five days, no probs with customs.  Only downside is the added cost of...
  23. Born2bwire

    Moving to HongKong in a few months...what to do with all the 110V gear?

    I hate transformers, they usually are noisy (well the cheap one that I did buy).  Actually though, the only thing I use my transformer for is the charge for my Nintendo DS.  My headphone amps, electric razor, cell phone charger and laptop charge all accept 110-220V 50-60 Hz.  Yay universal...
  24. Born2bwire

    Ultra Desktop DAC Humming?

    I just started noticing a low volume hum from my Ultra Desktop DAC.  I just got a pair of HD800's and I have to turn up the volme a bit more than I did with my balanced HD650's.  On some rather quiet classical albums that I have, I have to set the gain switch to high and the volume knob to...
  25. Born2bwire

    The Leben CS300XS Thread

    I lucked out.  I got my Mullard EL84's from a box of miscellaneous tubes at the back of a hifi store where we were holding a Head-fi meet.  $20 a tube for the Mullards and a pair of those with a Raytheon blackplate 5751 really sang.  I shudder to think how much those tubes would cost now, one of...