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  1. tjohnusa

    Koss KSC75's. Dont Forget This Giant Killer in all the ''Hidden Gem'' Hype.

    Forgot to mention the socket on one side was quite loose and I shimmed it with a small piece of aluminum great and sound impressive for ~$20
  2. tjohnusa

    Koss KSC75's. Dont Forget This Giant Killer in all the ''Hidden Gem'' Hype.

    I just did a setup and will post a link to amazon for the parts express part $5 shipped with prime membership:
  3. tjohnusa

    Current deal on Velodyne cans at newegg

    Great deal for a set of decent toss around cans. This is my second set because my daughter keeps "using" my first set. They are rather "bassy" and recessed mids/highs but for $10 shipped they are good for a set you dont have to worry about if...
  4. tjohnusa

    Three Word Story

    a 2x4 shoved
  5. tjohnusa

    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 vs budget amp and bookshelf speakers

    I vote for the Klipsch. The bass can't be matched by a 5.5 or 6.5 bookshelf woofer. I own a selection of bookshelf speakers and also the Klipsch (sadly the amp crapped out on me) the overall sound of the promedia rivals a larger set up in both sound quality and volume. The Klipsch 2.1 is a great...
  6. tjohnusa

    Bluetooth speakers

    I recently purchased a Photive Soundscape 8 form Amazon: I have stereos at hand most places in the house so I didn't really need this but gadgetitise bit me. I did have a ihome ibn24 and used it mainly...
  7. tjohnusa

    The 360 can't be that bad as a transport can it?

    To revive an old thread. I just got a Star Wars 360 from my son and is my source for my computer room stereo. I am running the hdmi to a dell monitor and using the 3.5mm out of the monitor. I am quite impressed with cd output. I don't know what dacs the monitor has or if the output of the xbox...
  8. tjohnusa

    What has happend to this hobby?

    It would seem to me it has become a monster. A quick look at the for sale forums tells alot...amps for sale are way up there. Is it possible that the voyage to nirvana of sound cannot be bought? I think alot of the high dollar stuff is more snake oil than many think (or hope). I know so many...
  9. tjohnusa

    M6 PRO Impressions

    These are the first IEM's I have purchased in quite a while. I have listened to Shure 4's as my main IEM for a long time and wanted to update. I picked these up for $50 on Amazon and am very happy with them. I installed the bi-flanges right off the bat and they give me great isolation and...
  10. tjohnusa

    Laptop's Keyboard is acting funny?

    You maybe hitting your touchpad by mistake....try to disable it since you are using an external mouse.
  11. tjohnusa

    2013 Head-Fi Holiday Gift Exchange

    I sadly cannot participate this year due to unemployment. If you can find it in your heart to include me I can do some good used vynl, cd's or a set of senn px100. Let me know...conus only please.
  12. tjohnusa

    Georgia Coastal Area Meet

    Sadly I have sold off alot of gear due to unemployment. I do have a couple decent and midfi portable amps and my best cans are a set of beyer dt990pro's but also have a couple of decent portable cans and iem's. It doesen't look like this thread is getting the hits we were hoping for but if you...
  13. tjohnusa

    Georgia Coastal Area Meet

    Hey!   I am in Beaufort so a Savannah meet would be something I would be in for. I have tried to get a meet before with little success so hopefully we have more area members now. I am low on gear but have a couple portable items to bring, would love to hear some other gear. About 2 or 3 years...
  14. tjohnusa

    Anyone watching Master Chef Junior?

    I type this during the 4th or 5th show and I am sorry but I cannot believe this group of 8 to 12 year old kids have the "talents" they show. The show I am currently watching has the kids cooking in a restaurant kitchen serving a lunch. First off I am a former cook with quite a few years behind...
  15. tjohnusa

    Portable Headphones help much needed

    Don't count out the Sennhiser HD25
  16. tjohnusa


    Forgot about Cliff Richard. I didn't know about the no UK thing....thanks for sharing.
  17. tjohnusa


    This past week was the anniversary of his death. I myself am 54 yo and remember his music well....I have some favorites. His style was undoubtedly unique at the time and his fan base was vast. I must say however that going with "imitation is the greatest form of flattery" I can't recall anyone...
  18. tjohnusa

    South Carolina (Charleston, Columbia)?

    I am way down in Beaufort but am willing to drive a bit. Charleston would be great if someone has the this point a garage would be fine. I will subscribe to this thread and hope we can get something going. I will represent low fi....or modest fi.
  19. tjohnusa

    In search of car-fi nirvana

    Does your in dash have a audio in jack? If so just get a cable.
  20. tjohnusa

    Building first separates system, advice for a CD player with my setup.

    I can't believe digital and optical outputs are going away...anything to save a buck. I see your amp is stereo so it won't have HDMI in on it.....go with a DAC
  21. tjohnusa

    RIP Richie Havens.

    Agreed.......he was the voice of Woodstock....RIP
  22. tjohnusa

    Klipsch Woot deal

    Klipsch Image E1 for $14.99....anyone have these? I can't seem to find any reviews but for $15 I can't get hurt that bad buy getting these.....s/h $5.00
  23. tjohnusa

    Shure E4C - Reviews, Opinions & Ramblings Thread

    Resurecting this thread with the question of; If you still own a set of these do they get any airtime? In addition what if any low cost newer IEM have a like sound signiture? I still listen to mine mostly when cutting grass and quiet listening from time to time. I rarely see these for sale in...
  24. tjohnusa

    Diana Krall Hater's Club

    Wow jazzblzharp quite the first post.....can't decide if it's brilliant or disturbed....