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  1. HyperTension

    Help with Audio-gd Compass and TitaniumHD

    OK..   tried USB..    Windows7 recognized right off the bat...   but no sound   (yes, it's plugged in and power light is glowing).....
  2. HyperTension

    Help with Audio-gd Compass and TitaniumHD

    OK, I've had this card for about 4 months and I've been using it with my receiver without any issues......     Then I move....   I'm in the process of trying to arrange my PC, and really don't have the room for a receiver, so I decide to run this through my Compass  (been locked up for 4...
  3. HyperTension

    3 week old Compass and a new, loud buzzing noise.

    Update on this.... More dumb drama. The lady at the counter of DHL put the price of this at $400, which is well above the original cost of about $258 when I first when to ship this product from South Bend, Indiana. Apparently, Audio-GD is refusing to cover the custom taxes based on this...
  4. HyperTension

    Denon AH-D7000

    Welp, I received mine 3 days ago, with a completed order date of May 2nd (Had them on lay-away for quite some time). Granted, this is with a Headroom Mini-Amp via Elite Pro. My Compass is currently in Chinese Customs limbo, headed back to Audio-GD for a burned out gain switch (can't wait to...
  5. HyperTension

    Needing help / advise on upgrade path......

    Alrighty, thanks to this site already, I've moved from on board sound, to an Elite Pro... then to DT770 Pros, decided that the sound was still a bit hallow and added an HeadRoom Micro Amp. Recently, I transitioned from VBR MP3 to FLAC (wow.. what the hell was I thinking all those...
  6. HyperTension

    3 week old Compass and a new, loud buzzing noise.

    Welp, now the waiting game begins. I'm HOPING that the powers that be are willing to cross ship. :::Fingers crossed::: I'm missing my compass already. Back to the Elite Pro, and sound just seems... hollow, lacking depth.
  7. HyperTension

    3 week old Compass and a new, loud buzzing noise.

    Email sent... And the waiting begins.. Any idea what broke down?
  8. HyperTension

    3 week old Compass and a new, loud buzzing noise.

    I did a search for "kingwa", with no results, any suggestions??
  9. HyperTension

    3 week old Compass and a new, loud buzzing noise. and was not even active on my computer at that time. Ideas? I've also just sent an email off to Audio-GD, but I'm really concerned. **UPDATE** It stops if I flip the Gain switch on the back to "High", but as soon as I place it to "Low" (where It has been without incident), it...
  10. HyperTension

    Questions regarding Vista, External DAC's, and an Elite Pro....

    Alrighty... I am the new and proud owner of an Audio-GD Compass, (and still waiting on my Denon AH-D7000's) to upgrade from my current set of an X-Fi Elite Pro, Headroom Mini-Amp, and DT770 Pro's. Since connecting my GD to the Elite Pro via Optical, I've noticed several things. 1) Sound in...
  11. HyperTension

    Denon AH-D7000

    Still waiting on mine from J&R, Original order date of 02May.... Received my Compass about 3 weeks ago, and with my old DT770Pro, have not really appreciated a difference in sound yet, so hopefully going to the D7000 will provide an nice transition.
  12. HyperTension

    Burn in: AH-D7000 + Compass amp/dac

    My compass has been shipped, and I'm #2 on backorder for the D7000's from J&R. This thread has helped, thanks!
  13. HyperTension

    Headphone Recommnedation (yes.. another one)

    Don't get me wrong, the DX1000's look really nice, but I'd like to stay in the price range listed. The primary reason being is that I can purchase the cans now vs. in a month or two.
  14. HyperTension

    Headphone Recommnedation (yes.. another one)

    I have a severe lack of places to sample headphones, so I figured this is the next best thing. I'm upgrading (computer as source, FLAC) to an Audio-GC Compass and would really like to upgrade my cans as well. Currently, I am running a DT770Pro to Headroom mini-amp from Elite-Pro. Being how...
  15. HyperTension

    Why do Metallica endorse Metalli-Cans Skullcandy Hesh and Lowrider???

    Doesn't Metallica use Monster Cables?
  16. HyperTension

    Thinking about upgrading my sound.. Suggestions / Opinions Please!

    My current setup is a X-Fi Elite Pro, to a Headroom Mini Amp to DT770 (250). Im looking to "up the ante" on my audio setup, and need an opinion on the following: Selling my Elite Pro, and going to an X-Fi Titanium (to maintain EAX in gaming,and I want to use the optical out in the back of the...
  17. HyperTension

    Time to upgrade my sound setup.. Opinions needed

    Slowly sinking into higher grade sound solutions. Currently have an X-Fi Elite Pro to a Headroom Micro Amp. I am really thinking about upgrading to the Compass DAC + Headamp. If I choose to do so, can I just run if directly from my sound card to the Compass, bypassing external box, and if I...
  18. HyperTension

    Curious about used receiver (PC Audio)

    Any other opinions? Is this reciever a good buy for what he is asking, or should I look in other directions?
  19. HyperTension

    Curious about used receiver (PC Audio)

    Alrighty, I have a friend who is willing to sell to me his old reciever, an Harmon Kardon AVR-520 for $100. I'm going to slowly build up my PC for a bit more "robust" audio playback. Opinions on this? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chris
  20. HyperTension

    Just Amazing

    After spending an inordinate amount of time looking, and soul searching for a proper way of ... ... ... Hell, All I have to say is that I like Tomato soup..
  21. HyperTension

    Opinions on a portable DAC

    The only time I would use it would be mid-afternoon while studying.. I have no issues with soaking up a foreign culture, however while studying, I find it a lot easier with selective music being pumped into my head. And I edited my original topic to say "MicroAmp". I was tired.. sleepy...
  22. HyperTension

    Opinions on a portable DAC

    Alrighty ladies and gents, I need some opinions on this.... I'm leaving for a 2 week vacation to Mexico in 12 days, and I'm looking to purchase a portable DAC to go with this. I currently have a Headroom MicroAmp to go with my 30GB ipod and it WOULD make sense to get the MicroDAC to go with...
  23. HyperTension

    Just got a pair of DT770/80's *initial impressions*

    It's also a matter of breaking them in. The sound on mine is slowly improving, with my initial thoughts of being shallow, disorting, overwhelming bass, limited mids, and painful highs. After 3 weeks of gaming and music, it's slowly improving. It was a MASSIVE improvement from my...
  24. HyperTension

    Best headphones money can buy?

    I went from a X-Fi Plat. to the X-Fi Elite Pro, Headroom MiniAmp to my DT770Pro (250ohm). Now that they are breaking in, it's been a night and day difference from my initial impressions, and they continue to get better. I decided to go with those due to my new found entry to Hi-Fi sound. I'm...