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  1. xenochimera

    Looking for some help from Wristwatch-Fi

    casio or suunto are your best bets.
  2. xenochimera

    Does anyone know anything about the beats audio on HP laptops?

    Beats are probably marketed for rap and rap style music so it makes sense that it would add a lot of bass. The issue with the increased bass here is that it pretty much muddles the entire track, it is not clean bass. Also the headphone out from most laptops/computers aren't clean either, I...
  3. xenochimera

    my nerd battle station.

    Hi Tim,   I use reds right now for gaming/typing but I would like a blue or brown for typing at work.   Cheers ~X
  4. xenochimera

    my nerd battle station.

    add some mechanical keyboard goodness in there
  5. xenochimera

    DAC/Amp/Cans $500 budget

    O2 dac+amp (~$300 assembled, under $200 DIY) Senn HD 650 (~400 MSRP, ~$300 sale price)   probably one of the best combos out there.
  6. xenochimera

    Does a DAC make a giant difference?

    hmm my onboard audio is very noisy and hissy, external dac removed that problem, probably the only change i noticed.
  7. xenochimera

    USB DAC/Amp for <$300, pairing with Ultrasone HFI-780

    the hfi-780 seems pretty easy to drive, you can drive it easily with just the e7.
  8. xenochimera

    mid range audiophile equipment help

    Your headphones are the most important part of the purchase, you are better off spending as much as you can on those, and not worry too much about DAC/AMP.   If you like closed phones, the HFI 580 is great, very easy to drive, no need for a dedicated amp. DT 770-PRO is great too, but...
  9. xenochimera

    need desktop amp/dac for my sennheiser hd-650 (under $250)

    Quote:   yes, e9 provide much more power than the e17. the e17 is more of a successor to the e7, both can be docked with the e9.
  10. xenochimera

    need desktop amp/dac for my sennheiser hd-650 (under $250)

    fiio e7/e9 combo, emu 0404 usb, ODAC are all excellent for the money.
  11. xenochimera

    FiiO e9 static

    right, it was directed at acdoan who said there is no sound through his fiio to headphone randomly
  12. xenochimera

    Variants of Galaxy S II and sound quality?

    from the reviews it seems like the gsII is pretty poor audiowise, circuitry noise is apparently a big problem with these phones, probably due to lack of proper insulation/shielding. the galaxy nexus doesnt have this issue. a shame really, was looking at the gsII as my next phone.
  13. xenochimera

    FiiO e9 static

    probably not but sometimes my comp would randomly stop recognizing the fiio, probably happens once every other month for me, not sure why but i usually just restart and it works fine again.
  14. xenochimera

    FiiO e9 static

    not sure if this is resolved but try unpluging the usb cable from the back of the e9 and reconnecting, if that doesnt work, try a comp restart.
  15. xenochimera

    FiiO e9 static

    had the same issue, just turned the knob a few times (while plugged) and now its near silent. great with hd 650s
  16. xenochimera

    Audioengine a2 alternatives?

    Thanks for the suggestion, I will be looking into these.   For the record I never owned the A2s but demoed them at a friends house. While they are certainly not bad, I felt the $200 price point was quite high for what they are. I did own AV-40s sometime ago but it had capacitor problems and...
  17. xenochimera

    Audioengine a2 alternatives?

    I am looking for smaller speakers since my desk space is extremely limited, I can setup 2 small speaker stands to accomodate slightly larger speakers but nothing bookshelf size. I heard some a2s and were not impressed at all, especially at $200. so anything else I should be looking at? must be...
  18. xenochimera

    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    So I just purchased a pair of new HD 650 from electronicsexpo and realized afterwards that there are 2 version. The current version came out in 2007 so hopefully mine is the new version, but are there any other ways of telling them apart? I saw someone posted comparison pictures but all the old...
  19. xenochimera

    What "product" that doesn' t yet exist would you like for your set up?

    120hz IPS monitor with at least 1920x1200 res...of course need uber GPU to power that thing too
  20. xenochimera

    bx5a vs c100 vs rp5

    Hi everyone since i sold all my portable gear since i don't have any opportunity to use those anymore, and decided to invest in computer audio. my room isn't too big so i decided on built in amplified near field speakers and from what i have been reading/seeing, these 3 are pretty good for the...
  21. xenochimera

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    Quote: mind sharing the screen wallpaper? thanks  
  22. xenochimera

    Why buy a Macbook?

    if you attend a liberal arts college and want to get laid by hipster/trendy girls, get a mac. otherwise, get any other brand.
  23. xenochimera

    Road bikes and the Tour

    its the rider, not the ride. same as in photography, give a beginner a $5k setup and the pro will probably still get better pictures with a $150 point n shoot. any brand listed here will be more than fine.
  24. xenochimera

    Good cigarettes?

    wow 7 pages and no love for Winston?? i used to smoke marb 27, mild, red, light, camel turkish gold..recently moved to winston, the regular ones are harsh but the light ones are really good. not sure if its me but i swear they burn longer than any marlboro ive smoked..
  25. xenochimera

    good place to buy used DSLR?

    so i have gotten rid of all my audio gear for sometime now, and i am thinking about going into photography. i have a nikon n6006 35mm slr that someone gave to me as a gift but now i want to move into the DSLR arena. just wondering what are some good places to buy used gear? i am specifically...