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    Feedback by 'Large4mat' on listing 'Grado RS2e'

    A+++ Seller. Item as described. Fast shipping. Highly recommended!
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    Warmest solid state amp?

    Pick up an older HeadRoom amp. They can sound very warm with crossfeed on. Closest thing to tubes IMHO......
  3. Large4mat

    What kind of DACs and software are you using with the Mac Mini?

    I use iTunes.  I stream music to an Airport Express, and then use a fiber optic cable from the Airport Express to a HeadRoom Ultra Desktop Amp.  In my experience, optical sounds better than USB.  
  4. Large4mat

    iPad to Support USB Audio Interfaces via Camera Connection Kit?

    Quote: Quote: Looks like us HeadRoom owners have an answer.  Sweeeeeet!  
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    Best value?

    Quote: Originally Posted by TCM Thanks. The headphones are the HD650 right now. Thinking about the Denons (2000 or 5000) as well. The amp/dac will work together with my computer. Good choice. I own the Sennheiser HD-650's and Denon AH-D5000. I just recently purchased the Denons...
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    Best value?

    Micro Amp + Ultra Micro DAC The Micro Amp will have the same electronics as the Desktop Amp, but you'll have a better source. A better amp is only going to sound as good as the source feeding it. A good rule of order for upgrades is: 1. Headphones 2. Source 3. Amp
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    Headroom micro DAC turns my headphones into speakers

    I sold some really musical DAC's after using the micro DAC. I've got two of the 9 volt units and an A/C version is on the way. This piece of equipment is way underrated......... I really like the ability to use them with an Apple Airport Express and Optical feed. Try it you'll like it....
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    DAC//headphone amp combo for iMac

    Don't exclude the HeadRoom Micro Amp/Micro Dac combo from consideration. Although not a one box unit, it has optical input capability, looks good, and more importantly sounds good. I use it with an Apple Mac Mini. I recently acquired a Denon AH D-5000 and really like the synergy with the...
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    Band Name Game!

    Quote: Originally Posted by krmathis Simple Minds Sky Cries Mary
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    Band Name Game!

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    Which tube/hybrid amps use the 6SN7 tubes (now with a list)

    Wheatfield HA-2 Wheatfield Audio - HA-2 Pictures
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    I just got my dream job.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Tyll Hertsens I won't spill the beans yet, but have you ever heard the joke about the little boy shoveling the giant pile of manure in the barn? He says, "With all this poop, there's got to be a pony in here somewhere." The question is: did we find a...
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    Why no Headroom tube amps?

    HeadRoom used to sell tube amps. Do a search for the Wheatfield HA-1 and Wheatfield HA-2. Both were designed by Pete Millett. There was some talk, on this site, about them marketing the HA-2 with a SS power supply.
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    Another Mini-Meet w/ vorlon1

    I wish you guys had included the Corda 2Move or 3Move since they utilize the AD8610.
  15. Large4mat

    A Wheatfield HA2 for the next millenium.

    I'll be watching the progress of this one with great interest. The Wheatfield HA-2 is the most musical amp I've ever owned........Good move Tyll.
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    Millett Tube Portable amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo So my question still stands. Is anyone else hearing this? Yep.......I hear a ringing for more than 2 seconds after plugging in my headphones. I normally turn off an amp before plugging in headphones or a source cable, but I decided to "take...
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    Headroom Desktop and AKG K 701

    I really liked the K701 with my old HeadRoom MicroAmp, (with desktop module).....The word synergy comes to mind.
  18. Large4mat

    Millett Tube Portable amp

    Note to others: This amp needs to be burned in. I've got about 50 hours on mine, and it just keeps improving. It's starting to get that bloom I expect from tubes. One thing that has remained constant throughout is the soundstage......It's very 3-dimensional and wide.
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    Millett Tube Portable amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by smoked ou7 Has anyone tried HD650 with this amp? Yes.....It's a very good combination.
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    About the HeadRoom's Total Bithead amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by Dept_of_Alchemy The price drop is my speculation, of course, but the new Micro lineup from HR will change things around here for sure. Source on the new Micro lineup please.
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    Millett Tube Portable amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by apnk I wonder if this tube amp would be noisy with iems? I've got a pair of UE Super 5 Pro's I'll try with it.
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    Millett Tube Portable amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by Killercrush Is it available in black ? Nope
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    Millett Tube Portable amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by apnk You better post pics then! Will do this weekend........
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    Millett Tube Portable amp

    Quote: Originally Posted by oicdn ^ I will kill you if you're lying. I assume you're talking to me. You'd travel all the way up from Florida to kill me? I assure you that I'm not lying. I received an order update from TTVJ today. Oddly enough, I'm trying to get a job down in...