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  1. kymira

    Clip +/zip vs Sony Walkman E (Sound Quality)

    Yes the Clip can be Rockboxed, has Micro SD slot, Cheaper....etc.     I just want to know, In terms of SQ does the Walkman E Series (2012) have any advantages over the Clip?
  2. kymira


    Quote:   Where can someone get this bulk version for $20? Ive checked most of my Canadian online shops I frequent and couldn't even find this headphone. If you could pls point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.
  3. kymira

    Xonar DG a good upgrade from Realtek ALC889 for Sennheiser HD280?

    You may want to look into this review,   they compare the Xonar DG with the  Realtek ALC889. Interestingly enough they are even using the headphones (Senn HD280) for the review.
  4. kymira

    Creative Sound Blaster new series Z, Zx & ZxR

    Quote:   OK thanks I assumed you were. One of the very reasons why Im looking into the SB Z series is the convenience of having that dedicated headphone jack. My front audio has way too much noise to be tolerable and Im getting a bit tired of having to constantly switch and fish jacks...
  5. kymira

    Creative Sound Blaster new series Z, Zx & ZxR

    Quote:   melterx12, did you end up figuring out which jack had the better SQ?   Quote:   DJINFERNO806, When you say "headphone Jack" Are you referring to the dedicated one in the rear or the front audio "headphone" jack?
  6. kymira

    Fiio Andes (E07K) VS. Fiio E17: What's the difference, and how does it sway the amateur audiophile?

    Im curious would the e07k be enough for a pair of m50's or should I move up to e17's.
  7. kymira

    Newb would like suggestion on next purchase

    @1audioz, I currently have an HD6850 installed and maybe that may be the cause some of the interference.   @PurlpeAngel, yea I really like the features and the price point doesn't seem to bad. I'll wait a bit and see if I can catch it on sale.     Thanks for the responses guys
  8. kymira

    Newb would like suggestion on next purchase

    Hi all. After lurking these forums for a while, I ultimately decided on getting a pair of M50's for my first pair of decent headphones. These will be an all around use, meaning movies, music, gaming (mostly in that in that order) and paired w/ my 7th gen Nano when Im on the go.   One small...
  9. kymira

    NFL 2012 Playoffs Discussion Thread

    Maybe next year Tom. I wouldn't mind seeing Ray get another one before retiring.
  10. kymira

    Best antivirus for Windows 7?

    I was going tor recomend Kaspersky but it already seems you've already tried it. Like others have said try MSE first, you cant go wrong its free.