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  1. YonnieVenaux

    What is the least mentioned iem on this website and why is it the JVC HA-XC90T and why should you feel ashamed about it?

    Approximately three years ago JVC released a bass-oriented bluetooth iem called the HA-XC90T. Given their well-established reputation as purveyors of legendary basshead machinery (see ha-sz2000), it appeared promising, or at least worthy of investigation. Mysteriously, however, only four...
  2. YonnieVenaux

    Reply to review by 'YonnieVenaux' on item 'Empire Ears Legend EVO'

    Can the evos be worn straight down? If it's necessary that they be looped behind the ears, can the cable hang in front or does it have to be cinched behind the neck like the customs do? It boggles my mind that there are so many people who have compiled lists of the comparative advantages and...
  3. YonnieVenaux

    The Hardest hitting Headphones are.. ( "The EXTREME BASS Club")

    I had both for a while. Never changed the pads though. In retrospect I wish would've tried swapping them out on my xb-1000s because I never felt like I unlocked their potential. They always seemed mysteriously flat for headphones with drivers the size of my face.
  4. YonnieVenaux

    The Hardest hitting Headphones are.. ( "The EXTREME BASS Club")

    @Hawaiibadboy Lemme start by saying that I sorely miss your extreme bass adventures (you might remember one time you began walking me through the process of modifying a pair of ha-mr77xs). Now that the JVC SZ2000s have become a priceless rarity (the prices for used SZ2000s are astronomical!), is...
  5. YonnieVenaux

    The (new) V-Shaped club

    The JVC HA-MR77x's should be added to the list at once, as they were doubtlessly designed for this club. The 77x's exhibit a stark contrast between soul-shatteringly deep bass and suffocated midtones. The treble while also underrepresented, is not quite as pronouncedly recessed. Thus, this...
  6. YonnieVenaux

    Creative Sound blaster E5 - Headphone amp + USB DAC with OTG + Toslink + aptX + recording + more.

    Would it be possible/beneficial to use a sound blaster e5 as a preamp for my fiio e-12 instead of my laptop's onboard sound in order to drive my SZ2000's? Are there any concerns or drawbacks to using an amp as a preamp? What happens when you amplify the signal multiple times? Some clarity would...