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  1. Landis

    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    Haha, a lot of folks I've seen commenting that I oddly don't recognize the name but recognize the avatar picture.
  2. Landis

    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    I got curious and consulted The Googles, Tyll seems to be doing well on his journey.
  3. Landis

    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    Fixed this for you. Merry holidays folks!
  4. Landis

    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    The guy in the back is explaining "I swear, the K1000s are like THIS big when you put them on!"
  5. Landis

    7hz x Crinacle Dioko Thread

    I picked up a pair of these a few days ago on sale from Amazon via Linsoul ($84 CAD)... And jeez, I'm assuming Linsoul hasn't fixed the filter issue? These are genuinely the sharpest treble I've ever heard out of an audio product. On my iPod, my S23 Ultra and desktop. I've EQ'd on my phone to...
  6. Landis

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I've been back on power metal these past few years, buddy sent me this video the other day from the game Alan Wake 2 (may contain spoilers?). Just a weird extra it contains the original Max Payne model as a background dancer... Who apparently directs all these games from the studio. The more you...
  7. Landis

    Post your computer specs!~

    I did a bit of Googling as I hadn't heard of them either. Maingear, as in the well regarded PC pre-built company, seems like a newer white label partnership for the PSUs. Over the past few years, a couple of alleged spicy cases (Reviews on Micro Center and an alleged case on Reddit). In the...
  8. Landis

    Post your computer specs!~

    Holy moly! 1200W might be overkill, but overkill is the Head-Fi way.
  9. Landis

    Cooking Gear-Fi

    I'm shocked this thread hasn't been brought back. Get yer cookware out! Pots, pans, utensils, knives, rolls, tasting spoons, flatware, dinnerware, silverware-- got a cool thing in your kitchen or have questions about a cool kitchen thing? Let's talk about it!
  10. Landis

    Post your computer specs!~

    Thanks, brother! It worked out pretty okay given the limited stock of stuff in early 2022.
  11. Landis

    Post your computer specs!~

    The year was 2022, my 10 year old PC (80 in tech years-- i7 3770K, ATI 7950, you get the picture) slowly gave into its stage 5 everything cancer, it was time for an upgrade... During the worst possible era to build a computer in recent history. I sent my old PC out to sea on a boat and lit it...
  12. Landis

    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    I don't think I count as an old fart (I'm still a young man... at heart!) but a little bit sad I don't see any activity from the guys I loved bantering off of like Erik, Doug and Progger... I believe a few of those fellas were on the older side, anyone know if they're okay?
  13. Landis

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Got rid of my Staples Hyken I bought around the last time I was last posting on here and gots me a HM Mirra! ...But a refurbished one, because those prices are silly.
  14. Landis

    Hifiman headphones fall down on floor

    Throwing your headphones on the floor is the best way to assert dominance and unlock their true potential. I've dropped a headphone or two off a desk, as others mentioned, if it passes a spectrum test or doesn't sound any different on your favourite tracks, you're golden!
  15. Landis

    Head-Supremus: Real or Myth?

    Taking a quick look at your reviews, you've contributed a huge amount of information to the community that may help both headphone enthusiasts and random people make important choices about how they listen to their favourite music or appreciate their audio content. You've earned the title of...
  16. Landis

    Head-Supremus: Real or Myth?

    Guys, I just tried using the Subway gift card and it didn't work... Who do I contact about this?!
  17. Landis

    Whisky (or Whiskey) Fi

    EnDva is a person after my own heart. I have FallenAngel here on Head-Fi to thank for turning me onto Aberlour years ago and anytime I feel like spending over $60 on scotch, it's my go to. Amazing bang for buck with a little bit of peat, the perfect amount of richness, thin enough to leave the...
  18. Landis

    What kind of beverage or food enhance your listening sessions?

    I tend to stay a little stereotypical for a lot of things. I love jazz, but jazz after a bit of bourbon is much more enjoyable to me. Irish folk or punk and some Jameson's on the rocks is my favourite. Colourful drinks and Disney movies is fun, but oh my god the hangover. Listen responsibly...
  19. Landis


    Gosh, when I joined this community, I used to smoke around 15-20 cigarettes a day. Kidnapped by my brother and sister-in-law around spring 2014 and taken to a vape shop to get a starter kit, challenged myself for a weekend to see if I could quit and the rest is history. After trying all the...
  20. Landis

    What’s everyone using for desktop speakers?

    The Audio Engine A5 powered monitors and Energy 10.3 subwoofer. Bought this set up years ago and does a mighty fine job! Only bought a large subwoofer like that due to a huge clearance sale from the company I worked for years ago.
  21. Landis

    new gaming headphones which to buy??

    This is a very hard question to answer since there are some big pros and cons. I also have a lot of experience with this and have responded to threads like this many times. So I'll keep it brief with my findings. For gaming, your music aimed hi-fi headphones can give you a nice soundstage...
  22. Landis

    Does your laptop have an optical drive ?

    I have an ASUS gaming branded laptop I picked up around 3 years ago and it has a BD-RE drive, but it was around that time you started to see less optical drives on laptops and even on PCs. Overall, I'm thankful to have optical because I will buy BD movies and I have TV series I like to rewatch...
  23. Landis

    How do I get true high-res music on PC?

    There's a lot of variables in PC audio-- depending on your output, you can run into interference problems, your hardware could be limiting your listening or your ears themselves, your source file could be an issue depending on where it was ripped from or like Protege mentioned, the recording...
  24. Landis

    Reply to review by 'landis' on item 'Pioneer SE-L40'

    Hi Dbdchc, sorry for the late reply, I've been off and on the website recently. I didn't receive the manual with the pair I own, but from what scans online note, the impedance is 8ohm, my Hifiman EF5 does 2-2k (low and high settings) output impedance and the Travagans Red has a base 8ohm (the...
  25. Landis

    A Recent tweet from PS Audio about "The problem of headphones"

    The discussion of headphone vs. speakers is a horse that has been beaten to death... And then brought back as a zombie and beaten once more for good measure. It's the same way where I may listen to a pair of headphones or speakers that I think are crap and others call them favorites. It is a...