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    NuForce Icon Mobile Impressions Thread

    Well the price is right and for me the best features are: USB sound card with inline mic support and the roller volume wheel is easy to use.    
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    Droid X

    I'm curious about this, thinking about using my new X for listening on the go. I've not been able to find specs on the power output of the droid x hp jack. Basically the amp will give you more power to drive the phones and amplify any weaknesses of the droid's DAC circuitry. A question for you...
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    Headphone Sightings 2

    Homeless guy in Madison WI wearing Grado SR60s.
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    What are the best Grado's?

    Quote: well, it was a zig-zag progression for me. I got the 80s used (and recabled) from the FS forum here. Instantly gave me the feeling that good headphones were worth the money. But there was a loose connection at the plug, so I sent them back to the seller/recabler. He was totally...
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    is audiocube a trustable website?

    It's a very real and solid place. Give them a call.
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    What are the best Grado's?

      I've had 80s, MS2is, and now have happily settled into 225s as the nice price sweet spot. The 225 do scale depending on source, but not as much as the 325s, which to me didn't sound very good unless amped.   do a search on this topic and wow, you'll find pages and pages of...
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    Headphones for Kids (Funny Story)

    So something is wrong with the hp out on that player. But give these a try for the young ones: Sony Mdr-222Kd/Pin Children's Headphones (Pink): Electronics I got them for my 4yr old and know a couple other families who like them. They have a little more impedance so the...
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    (to linux or Ubuntu users)...No driver required USB 2.0 DACs...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Edoardo I already knew that page, but so much do not figure... I was just thinking about some amps that should be plug&play but... Who knows! yeah. some amps means? Likely anything you come across will work fine.
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    (to linux or Ubuntu users)...No driver required USB 2.0 DACs...

    plug and play is generally a straightforward thing. You can check so see if ALSA supports your soundcard, or even more comprehensive, technical info here. "Mainstream" dacs all work just fine.
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    What's a good hard case for the Audio-Technica ATH-M50?

    yeah, they fold down so tight that I don't see the point. Might try a metal lunchbox, though. e.g. Pink Floyd Classic Rock Dark Side of the Moon Tin Tote LunchBox Lunch Box: Kitchen & Dining
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    Travelling the world on the cheap: Learn me.

    Uh, just do it, okay? Because you've posted a lot of threads about major life changes, but you actually have to do it. You won't regret it.
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    Grado SR60 mods

    try the SR225i mod. It's effing amazing.
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    Travelling the world on the cheap: Learn me.

    You can travel resaonably working on organic farms. This will be the best thing you've ever done for yourself. WWOOF - World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms
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    something similar to the ath-m50's...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Briballdo i dont really see anything wrong with not wanting to look weird...i guess ill just pick up a pair of m50's and see how i like them. if they seem too big for me ill go for the d1001 instead. They're pretty slim profiled. I wear them out...
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    Help! Are these ATH-ESW9's fake!?

    They look exactly like a legit pair I got through AudioCubes. But the pictures can be misleading and you have to consider the price perhaps more than the pictures. I don't know the conversion, but they're in great shape, so the price should be reasonably close to new, yeah? If it's a lowball...
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    Price drop on Audio-Technica ATH-M50's

    $90-100 on ebay is the right price.
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    the official "Iowa sucks" thread

    I used to think that Iowa sucked. When I lived in Minnesota, they said that state would fall into the Mississippi river were it not for how much Iowa sucked. You know, if you ask someone who is from Iowa what defines Iowa, they invariably mention pigs. However, most people from outside Iowa...
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    Have people forgotten what the '-fi' in Hi-fi means?

    Quote: Originally Posted by MadMan007 It means fidelity. I've never really read this forum but people are putting -fi on everything like it's butter. It makes very little sense in most cases. Dog-fidelity? Cat--fidelity? Backpack-fidelity? Come on people, loosen up on the hi-fi...
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    New A2 Owner, advice?

    These are very sensitive to placement. Move them around.
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    should I sell my watch, to buy cool audio gear

    Sell it and feel good about yourself.
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    Rockbox !!

    I use rockbox on my D2 and it is certainly as stable as it needs to be for playing and organising music. Due to the touch screen, the GUI isn't fantastic, but it isn't that bad, either.
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    Grado SR225i for home use only - Advice Needed

    I got the 225s for home only use and, now, I am using them as portables. On not-so-busy streets they permit pretty good situational awareness. Don't be afraid to go out with them.
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Quote: Originally Posted by Rockford I guess ignorance is bliss. I prefer my clip+ to my iphone 3Gs, and i'd bet you would call that golden. ah, just trolling. I love the clip, too. just, I don't know that it needs to get amped for the PK3.
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Quote: Originally Posted by dfkt Cheap / expensive / expensive / cheap... that's an interesting combination. Garbage in/garbage out. Everything in between is golden.
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    DIYer in Madison WI?

    by transient, I mean couch-surfing. Anyone?