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  1. alb8697

    Anybody figured out the new site yet?

    Buyer's guide appears to be broken; all chapters lead to 404 page for me
  2. alb8697

    Empire Ears X Effect Audio Giveaway // 2017 EMPIRE SPRING SALE

    My current setup: I'm still on universals, mainly the FLC8s right now. Also own the Fidue A83 but I had to get rid of the cable last month and haven't been bothered to replace it.    Name for new flagship: If Empire Ears makes a flagship that is meant to be more revealing and analytical in...
  3. alb8697

    Reply to review by 'alb8697' on item 'IMS Hybrid Valve Headphone Amplifier (HVA)'

    how does this sound with the flc8s? any hiss? hoping it retains detail as well
  4. alb8697

    Electric Shocks

    So i have a pair of Fidue A83's, and I have recently been shocked many times in the visible part of my right ear while I am listening to music. I don't think it's static electricity because where I live is very humid. I think I am being shocked by the metal casing. Is there a way to fix this...
  5. alb8697

    New Member Introductions thread

    Good Point. I should get a dac and an amp. Thanks!
  6. alb8697

    New Member Introductions thread

    Hi everyone, so I'm a hs senior who's played piano for 12 years now, and I just got into headphones. I can't tell the differences between audio file types, and was wondering if anyone could tell me what things to pay attention to as the bitrate decreases. Btw:i prefer flat freq. response.