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  1. mahgnillig

    Wireless earbuds for small ears

    Hi all, I'm looking for some wireless earbuds for my tiny ears. There are so many out there to choose from so I'm just looking for input from other people with small ears. My wired earbuds that I find really comfortable are Klipsch X10 with Shure olive foam pieces, but sometimes I need wireless...
  2. mahgnillig

    HyperX Cloud, SLYR or ? for gaming?

    Hi all :) Let me start off by saying that I'm neither an audiophile or a serious gamer, but I do appreciate good sound. I'd like to get a little input on a headset choice if possible. I'm looking for a headset to use with voice chat while playing MMORPG with friends. I have a tiny head (hat...
  3. mahgnillig

    IEMs with good isolation for small ears?

    Thanks Cotnijoe :)  That's 2 more added to my list... time to start culling!   Does anyone know the best way to go about trying on IEMs?  Just order a few from Amazon and return the ones I don't like?  Or do any retail stores actually let you try them out in the shop?
  4. mahgnillig

    IEMs with good isolation for small ears?

    Hi all :)   I'm looking for a pair of IEMs for general use but would like them also to be comfortable under a full face motorcycle helmet.  I have a tiny head (size XXS Shoei helmet) and small ears, so size and comfort are really big things for me.  I currently have some old Sony IEMs but they...