HyperX Cloud, SLYR or ? for gaming?
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Jun 15, 2009
Hi all :)

Let me start off by saying that I'm neither an audiophile or a serious gamer, but I do appreciate good sound.

I'd like to get a little input on a headset choice if possible. I'm looking for a headset to use with voice chat while playing MMORPG with friends. I have a tiny head (hat size 6 3/4) so I have a tough time finding headphones that fit. I have done a lot of reading on headsets and also read the big gaming headset thread, but most reviews don't mention much about size or weight. I have narrowed it down to the HyperX Cloud or SLYR based on the reviews of sound quality, but I'm interested in hearing opinions on fit.

FWIW, my budget is under $100. I won't be using an amp or a dedicated sound card at the moment, but if anyone has a suggestion on one that is inexpensive I'd definitely consider it. Also, I play in a room work with another person who is also in the same voice chat channel so it would be helpful if my system wasn't so sensitive that it will pick up all the surrounding noise.

Thanks for your help :)
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Well, the HyperX Cloud are based on the Takstar Pro 80s (very highly recommended on Head-Fi), which people sometimes complain are not for big heads. Maybe they would fit you well :)

You can also research the Takstars to find out more about the HyperX. Same drivers, so similar in sound, with any differences most likely due to the differences in pads.

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