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  1. omeletterice

    If you would pick one for your daily use IEM...

    If you would pick one from Etymotic ER3SE/ER3XR, Oriolus Finschi and MEE Audio Pinnacle P1, what would you pick and why? I know this three may be quite different from each other, but considering your own preference in music and other factors such as isolation, build quality, etc., which do you...
  2. omeletterice


    A question for those with the viridian blue unit. Does the actual unit look the same with the advertised pictures? I saw some actual photos in which the unit looks more "blue" that it should be.
  3. omeletterice


    Ohh. That's a bit of a letdown. The in-line controls are very useful for me especially when commuting. I think that's the only thing holding me back from getting the A35. Thanks for the input!
  4. omeletterice


    Does anyone know if the A35 supports in-line controls from IEM's designed for Apple products? I have an RHA MA750i that I use on the go and wondering if I could still use its in-line control functionality with the A35.
  5. omeletterice

    IEM recommendation for post rock?

    I did some search before posting and haven't found anyone recommending IEM's for listening to post rock (God is an Astronout, Mono, Caspian, etc.). I mostly listen to music while commuting so I prefer IEM's for portability. I kinda liked the details in the Etymotic MC3 I've used before but find...
  6. omeletterice

    Buying portable or in-ear headphones? Seeking guidance? DON'T START A NEW THREAD. Ask for advice HERE!

    Hi, I'm looking to buy an IEM for casual use. I listen to different sorts of music but mostly pop rock and alternative. Here are what i'm considering which are available to me locally:   brainwavz m1 MEElec m6 dunu trident sennheiser cx215 soundmagic pl30 audio technica ath-ck303m...