If you would pick one for your daily use IEM...
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May 15, 2012
If you would pick one from Etymotic ER3SE/ER3XR, Oriolus Finschi and MEE Audio Pinnacle P1, what would you pick and why?

I know this three may be quite different from each other, but considering your own preference in music and other factors such as isolation, build quality, etc., which do you prefer? I'm not very good with the technical details but these are the three in my shortlist based on the reviews I've read. Your opinions might help me decide what to get. Other recommendations within the same price range are also welcome.

Thank you.
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I own the Pinnacle P1
Build quality and fit is very good, especially with Spinfit CP500 tips.
They are extremely power hungry. I need to turn up the volume a lot more than for any other IEM I have. Forget phones as source.
Soundwise I never completely warmed up to them, really hard to say, they get lots of praise but I seem to like a bit smoother.
In that price range the Moondrop Kanas Pro which I bought afterwards was MUCH better for me. Clean, clear, smooth, detailed, rolling sub bass.
The P1 has a more balanced mid bass and is faster, but I enjoyed the KPE much more.
My P1 is for sale.

Regarding the Etymotic - consider that they are deep insertion IEMs, make sure that you have ear canals that are big (and round) enough, mine are oval and narrow.

Other options around $200?
check Crinacle's list https://crinacle.com/rankings/iems/
If you can stretch to $300 some interesting options come up:
Sony XBA-N3 (heard it, liked it a lot)
Drop JVC FDX1 (own a modded FD02, have ordered the FDX1 additionally. Great value but hard to buy, built like a tank)
Tanchijm Oxygen?
Audiosense T800?


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