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  1. fewtch

    New considerations about the MDR-R10

    Sometimes I get the impression people are trying too hard to convince themselves the R-10 is worth the money. No need to remind me not to get a pair (my pocketbook already does that well enough ). It would be nice to hear a pair one of these days, tho.
  2. fewtch

    New source brings out the unexpected...

    Quote: Originally posted by Calanctus Can you give any examples (no USB cards please)? I meant USB cards, but there may be Firewire cards as well, or optical or wireless (never really looked). There's no reason why USB should be the only interface to a PC... if data can travel back...
  3. fewtch

    grado sound but less bright

    Quote: Originally posted by LTUCCI1924 I had the 325 and found them to be very bright and had to sell them. The 225 are great and well rounded headphone. The RS1 I feel need a real good source and amp to sound their best. I find that the SR-225 to be a great headphone. Small light and...
  4. fewtch

    Myth or Not? "Cables sound different"

    Quote: Originally posted by usc goose i don't know, i find that perception is often much more important than reality. I'd more tend to say that it seems artificial to call one perception "unreal" and another perception "real." Looking at a measurement is a perception, too. Aside...
  5. fewtch

    Myth or Not? "Cables sound different"

    BTW, I just wanted to state for the record that I'm not saying cables don't sound different -- I have no evidence to back that up, and I don't think anybody does (sounding different is a subjective quality anyway). But I look at the available evidence and can find no reason why one properly...
  6. fewtch

    grado sound but less bright

    Are you positive the problem isn't related to your sources? I don't think the higher end Grado Prestige series is emphasized enough in treble to hurt anyone's ears, provided they're being driven with clean source material. Frequency-wise they should be putting out what's being fed to them, more...
  7. fewtch

    New source brings out the unexpected...

    Quote: Originally posted by dd3mon Your Terratec card is very highly reviewed, besting the Revo for many reviewers. The current lineup of soundcards is much underrated - but there's a ceiling to any soundcard's performance (at least those which use the computers clock and are unsheilded)...
  8. fewtch

    Creek OBH-11 Test Results (OBH-1 vs. Elpac)

    Thanks Matt (I'd forgotten about that thread, looks like I posted a few times to it myself). I'm sure Elpac (and probably Mouser) is selling tons of them already, given all the DIYers recommending this specific supply with their amps. Could be why Allied Electronics was sold out when I checked...
  9. fewtch

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Sandisk Sansa E250 from rockboxed it, added an 8GB SDHC card and am very happy . 'Cept for the screen size maybe... if it were bigger I'd watch videos on it more often. Also planning on upgrading to a 16 or 32GB card when they drop in price & come up in speed class.
  10. fewtch

    Philips SHE9500 review

    Quote: Originally Posted by average_joe I have these and they compared favorably to the V-Moda Bass Freq's that I sold. But IMO for $30 new you are much better off getting a PK3 for $40, as the PK3 is in a different league. I don't hang around Head-Fi much these days... where is...
  11. fewtch

    Philips SHE9500 review

    I like the laid-back quality myself... I can listen louder/longer,without ringing ears. But i'm not a metalhead or anything, & fans of more aggressive music might want to think about it. I dunno. Non EQ-snobs can always boost the treble a bit :-p.
  12. fewtch

    Philips SHE9500 review

    I think they're very decent earbuds for the price... at least as good as something like a Koss Portapro, and actually much better balanced, more neutral sounding. I also use the larger tips, and find them very comfortable indeed for a cheap earbud. As you mentioned, they seal perfectly, and...
  13. fewtch

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    ATM, Amr Diab (just general faves I've put together).
  14. fewtch

    Happy New Year! Welcome to 2008!

    Quote: Originally Posted by FeedMeTrance hate to be a killjoy, but am i the only one that thinks new years is an overrated hyped up waste of time? i mean money is wasted on fireworks, people just get drunk. for me the only good thing is its a public holiday, which means i get extra...
  15. fewtch

    The RIAA has officially crossed the line.

    ^^ Good catch... From demonbaby: When Pigs Fly: The Death of Oink, the Birth of Dissent, and a Brief History of Record Industry Suicide. Quote: Trying to innovate with a major label is like trying to teach your Grandmother how to play Halo 3: frustrating and ultimately futile.
  16. fewtch

    Ultrasone Edition 9's - really that good?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sovkiller Because there is fact that nobody can deny, mother nature, or life, or time, or God willingness, the fact is that mainly all of them, are older than me, by at least 10 years, and as a result, chances are that their hearing is a little worst than...
  17. fewtch

    First time "entry/mainstream" can user, "Senn hd 280 pro or hd 555, or other suggestions"

    IMO the HD280 sounds very harsh... I'd go for almost anything else (but that's just me). P.S. I'm a fan of the older DT880 too, which some ppl think are bright... so it's not like I dislike brighter phones.
  18. fewtch

    New pet

    Quote: Originally Posted by boomana Yesterday at work, this little guy showed up and followed me around (I work at a nine-building residential complex) for much of a 16-hr shift. He's really filthy and has tar on his belly and tail, is skinny and has signs of dehydration, but has no...
  19. fewtch

    Happy Birthdays to bhjazz, luckybaer and MaloS, and Happy New Year to All of Head-Fi!

    Thanks (from 'someone else') I'm back briefly for the new year (not too big into headphones anymore - other expensive hobbies, but my other fave forum is down for maintenance). Happy new year to all!
  20. fewtch

    The Sennheiser HD580 Impressions Thread

    Wow, this thread has been around for along, LONG time... haven't heard HD580s now for awhile, but my setup is probably too warm to sound good with them (tweaked for DT880s). Of course, a simple cable/opamp swap would probably change that... hmmm .
  21. fewtch

    What Headphones Are You Using Right Now?

    My old version DT880s...
  22. fewtch

    Seattle Head-Fi Meet...11/17/2007

    Bah, sorry I missed this... haven't been to a head-fi meet in ages. Then again, I haven't posted here in ages either . I live too close to have missed it tho (durn!).
  23. fewtch

    Is anyone here into amateur radio?

    Quote: Originally posted by fractus2 Thanks fewtch. I was reading about the refurbished models. This is going to be a touch decision. I like the FRG-100 but it does not have a keypad. The 800 sound good but it's huge, and plastic. I'm leaning toward the ICOM IC-R75 now. IMHO...
  24. fewtch

    Seattle minimeet #3 impressons

    Quote: Originally posted by ppl I do not miss tweeking turntables and tonearms. Quote: i do like the imaging of Vinyl and with a good Amp and can's this soundscape can indeed be a motivation to spend half of your listening time cleening and adjusting. For me it's...
  25. fewtch

    Seattle minimeet #3 impressons

    Quote: Originally posted by zzz yes, I do that a lot. you could still end up liking that amp if you haven't heard anything better though. heh, that was a pretty stupid thing for me to say. xo-xo. Huh... are you talking about the HR-2 or the PPA?