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  1. Frienes

    Headphone Adivce for a Metal Listener

    I also tested a lot of cans with metal, including Grado SR-225 and Alessandro MS Pro but I prefer the Grado SR 325i - they are very clear and detailed and have a great sound with electric guitars and also a deep punchy bass.
  2. Frienes

    Impressions Meet @ Hans from Qables 16-03-08

    Thank you, Hans, for answering my questions. I have another question for you and Duggeh or anybody else who can share his experience). If I decide to go the Ergo-route is it advisable also to buy an Ergo Amp 1 or would it be better to buy another amp (I already have a Glite and was also...
  3. Frienes

    Impressions Meet @ Hans from Qables 16-03-08

    I also enjoyed the Ergo very much but I thought that both Ergo's were the same and so I only tested the one that was connected on the front side of the amp - can anyone remember which one it was? I found the clarity and the comfort really impressive. Found some information on a swiss...
  4. Frienes

    What tube amp to buy

    That's a good point, thank you for your input. Do you experience a tubey sound with the Grado's or is it more subtle compared to a solid state amp?
  5. Frienes

    What tube amp to buy

    I think about purchasing a tube amp and I'm looking for what everyone calls a tubey sound. Would not like to spent to much money so I narrowed it down to Darkvoice 336i / 332, Little Dot MK III / IV or MF X-Can V-3. How does Yaqin-amps compare to the aforementioned? I will mainly use it with...
  6. Frienes

    Your Favourite Instrument - and Why?

    Electric guitars, esp. Fender Stratocaster ... it's a shame I couldn't play one
  7. Frienes

    Most "Moving" Guitar Solo

    Another vote for comfortably numb But also something different, I really love the solo in Iron Maiden's Paschendale ... and they have a lot of great other solo's, too, e.g. Afraid to shoot strangers ...
  8. Frienes

    The Mike Oldfield Thread.

    I really like the music of M.O., certainly not every album, but most of them. I also think the new one ist really great. For all the guitar-lovers you should really give the album "guitars" a try which seem's to be not so famous, but is really great and enjoyable. If you are into more...
  9. Frienes

    Impressions Meet @ Hans from Qables 16-03-08

    A huge thanks to Hans for organising this meeting also from me. It was my first head-fi meet - and hopefully not my last - and I really enjoyed beeing there, meeting nice people which share this hobby and having the opportunity to test different gear.
  10. Frienes

    March 16th; Netherlands Meet @ Hans from Qables!!

    Hi folks, I'm quite tempted to join the meeting on sunday, coming from Duesseldorf it's only a trip of about 120 km - not too much to have the chance of meeting some nice guy's and have some fun. To be honest I'm not quite shure right now if I will really able to attend ... but I'm really...
  11. Frienes

    Meier Audio no more tubes?

    I have the same feelings, I'm also plannig to get a tube amp just to get an impression about what everybody calls "a tubey sound" ... I haven't heared tubes so far but I'm really curious. The Eartube was quite expensive and in the 400 -500 Euro range there are mainly Darkvoice and LD.
  12. Frienes

    Which Cans are best for Heavy Metal?

    I prefer the DT 880 (2003) with Tarja, Nightwish, Sirenia and Xandria with impressive female vocals and the Grado SR-325i with guitar based metal like Iron maiden and Dream Theater ...
  13. Frienes

    iPod Touch or Classic?

    I also thought about the classic and the touch and finally bought the classic. Why? More memory for a smaller price which means that I didn't have to make my mind about the songs I put on it, I can simply carry my hole collection. Furthermore the use of the touch has a "WOW-effect" at the...
  14. Frienes

    Corda Cantate or Opera?

    Hi Tom, thx for the link
  15. Frienes

    Corda Cantate or Opera?

    Has anyone compared the Corda Cantate vs. the Corda Opera? Is the Opera worth twice the price? I kno the technical details of both amps and since some preouts and a digital in would be nice I'm curious whether the Opera is much better soundwise or whether I could just be happy with the Cantate...
  16. Frienes

    Just in, Grado 325i's ROCK

    The SR-325i seem's be be a kind of "flavour of the month", there were a lot of threads about it in the past weeks. The positive feedbacks made me curios, I received my new SR-325i yesterday ... just spend about 2 hours with it, but my first impressin is: great detail and great clarity. I also...
  17. Frienes

    Affordable Tube Amps in Europe?

    Hi, there are some alternatives in Germany, I think you won't have problems with Austrian customs/taxation when buying here ... but I'm not shure :-) 1. Meyer Audio - Corda Eartube; 2. An online shop called ... tubedoctor or tubedoc or something like that, they sell tubes and also Ear...
  18. Frienes

    GRADO HEADPHONES : how much have you climbed the ladder ?

    I started with a SR-80 and loved the sound signature so much that I sold them an directly went forward to the RS-1's. While I really loved the sound signature, I only listen to music to maybe 1 or 2 hours a week (sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less) with headphones and so I...
  19. Frienes

    My new ARIA has arrived.

    Of topic Hi, if there will ever be a mini-meet in the Düsseldorf area pleaso drop me a pm ... I would really like to join. Greetings Frienes
  20. Frienes

    Iriver H10 / Rio Carbon and WMA-DRM

    Hi, I just made my decision to buy a DAP. I think, 5 GB will be enough for me. Important is, that the Player is small and has a very good sound quality (Iriver H10, Rio Carbon etc.), and of course, that the player is able to play WMA files that are bought from the internet and -DRM protected. I...
  21. Frienes

    Amp suggestions for DT880?

    Hi, what about the Earmax Pro? Does it provide enough power to drive the beyers to adequate volume levels? I think it is in the price range if it is bought used and it should be observated as an alternative. Greetings to all of you Frienes
  22. Frienes

    Where to buy iMP-550 in Europe?

    Hi Joe, if you aren't afraid to buy in Germany I would advise you to buy it at The prize is now at only 181,- Euro, which is quiete a good price in my opinion. See: Right now they have also a sales action at amazon, if you...
  23. Frienes

    NJB3 radio recording quality

    Hi Evo I'm also very interested in an answer about the sound quality of the recordings. But as far as I know, the NJB3 is also able to record up to 320 kbps. I hope that helps a little. If not it can record the wav-format, so you can change it into high-quality MP3's on your computer. For...
  24. Frienes

    Another headphone or an amp ? Need advice

    Hi gerG, thanks for your reply. My receiver has pre-outs, I looked it up in the manual. But only bass- and treble-control will have an effect on the sound then. There is no chance getting the DSP-modes out of the pre-outs. Maybe I'm a little bit discriminating ? The symbol for the euro is...