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  1. lui_boy

    The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

    I have the HD800 balanced with the HDVD800 and do not have issues with treble spikes or sibilance. My only complaint there is the DAC. Single ended to the Grace m9XX also do not have issues with treble spikes or sibilance. My only complaint there is the Amp, which works fine for what it is, but...
  2. lui_boy

    Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

    Is it just me, or do these headphones just sound better on hot days? There was a heatwave in the SF bayarea and I couldn't stop listening to my LCD2's. Last night was cold, and so were the LCD2's.
  3. lui_boy

    iBasso DX80 Bug Thread - Post Any Firmware Bugs/Issues Here

    Issue solved! Thanks for the info. Looks like the Batch Tool details were in a different thread. I'm really enjoying this player much more now.
  4. lui_boy

    iBasso DX80 Bug Thread - Post Any Firmware Bugs/Issues Here

    Had my DX80 for a week. I'm using the latest firmware 1.5.8 and have done factory reset as well as converted any external album art smaller and it still has occasional pops on hi res 24 bit 96kHz +. Maybe it's the embedded album art? It's not the file as I can play it fine on my computer and...
  5. lui_boy

    Looking for brain-shakers.

    Quote: Originally Posted by roker that's not even sound , just a vibration! Hahaha, I guess you're right. I hated making that recommendation since I felt the quality of the headphone is cheap, but with the limited budget and specs the OP was looking for, I felt it fit the...
  6. lui_boy

    Looking for brain-shakers.

    If you really want crazy bass and don't care too much about sound quality, try the Skullcandy Skullcrusher. It requires 1 AA battery, but that thing is like a bloated subwoofer attached to your head.
  7. lui_boy

    Stax SR-404 -> Free to a good home (Giveaway)

    Maybe if I was 3 minutes quicker it might have been me. I posted 2 minutes right after nsx_23 did. =P Congrats nsx_23! I'm still looking to get into electrostats, maybe one of these days. Thanks krmathis for doing this!
  8. lui_boy

    Raising a skirt - needs a ride

    I recommend the Yuin PK2 if you've given up on the canal phones and don't want anything too big but still open. It has quite the clarity and a decent sound stage to something so small. And it's actually smaller than most earbuds, so they might fit you pretty well. Some say it's missing bass, but...
  9. lui_boy

    leather pads for HE60 and HD580/600/650!

    I'm in for one more of the HD pads. So, that makes it a total of 2 for me now. Thanks!
  10. lui_boy

    J2 Premium Hi-FI Earbuds or Sennheiser CX300-B?

    I have both and will choose the authentic Sennheiser CX300 over the J2's easily. But I don't know, I tend to listen to R&B, Vocals, Jazz, & Orchestra type music. I had some Grado's in the past and if you can do open headphones, and spend a little more, the SR60's are great for rock and heavy metal.
  11. lui_boy

    leather pads for HE60 and HD580/600/650!

    +1 for HD pads
  12. lui_boy

    Auditory Illusion

    I'm not sure if this has been posted. I couldn't find it in search. But I thought this was pretty cool. Give the Virtual Haircut a try: Auditory illusion? | Tech Toggle - Its All About Technology There are a lot of ads on the page, so click carefully.
  13. lui_boy

    Very brief impressions of all the headphones you've heard

    Full Sized: AKG K501 - one of my all time favorites, wide open sound stage, good instrument separation, airy, clear, smooth, yet detailed, lacks a bit of bass extension, but it does have a bit of lower end punch, mids may seem recessed unless powered with a decent amp, then they're the best...
  14. lui_boy

    K401, K501, K701

    I like the K501 the best with its huge soundstage, clarity, and sparkle. The K601 is pretty nice too, smooth, a little darker, and warmer. The K701 is a bit more resolving, but tends to be very analytical. All of these headphones will need a nice beefy amp to drive properly.
  15. lui_boy

    Jlab Jbuds J2 Impressions.

    Just got my J2s in this afternoon and have been listening for the past couple of hours. Still waiting for the the BOGO. But in any case, here are my impressions. Initially, they were extremely muddy, but I'm liking it much more right now. I think it still needs some more time to settle down, but...
  16. lui_boy

    V-moda Vibe: Oops I did it again!

    I just bought some JBud J2's as well and maybe do a comparison (Vibe, CX300, iM716, J2, throwing in the PK2 for kicks). I still don't know what it is about the Vibe that got me buying it again. Maybe because it's the only one without a cheap plastic housing. I think they got it right this time...
  17. lui_boy

    V-moda Vibe: Oops I did it again!

    I'm not sure what it is, but I bought the V-moda Vibe again. Maybe it was the good price I got them at. I mean, it wasn't a great price, but good considering how much I previously paid for them. Anyway, I know the Vibe craze has died down, but for some strange reason, I did it again. The...
  18. lui_boy

    New Monster Beats Tour In-Ear

    This is in direct competition with their Monster Turbine In-Ear which is priced the same. Strange.
  19. lui_boy

    Headphones for light music and female vocals

    The AKG K501 is what you're looking for but unfortunately, is no longer in production. If you do find one, make sure you get a nice beefy tube amp and a good source for it. Good luck!
  20. lui_boy

    Closed/Open Headphones on the cheap

    Quote: Originally Posted by cyberspyder OK, let me reiterate.....I don't know what the benefits of enclosing the entire it necessarily better? Still leaning towards the AKGs...easier to recable and mod. It's just a matter of comfort. Some people don't like the ear pads...
  21. lui_boy

    Closed/Open Headphones on the cheap

    If you want something that encloses the entire ear, the ES7, K81DJ, K518DJ, are not it. Those all sit on top of the ear. You may want to look into the Sony MDR-V6 if you can find one. It's more in your price range and very portable cause it folds up.
  22. lui_boy

    Review: ES7 vs. HD580 vs. im716 vs. SR80

    I had all these headphones at the same time and they all served a different purpose. I liked the ES7 a lot and it had a fun punchy and aggressive sound, with bass. A great portable phone that worked well for all genres, especially hip-hop and pop. Combined with a nice portable amp, it starts...
  23. lui_boy

    Earphones that OWN the IEMs!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nocturnal310 A year and a half ago i wasnt born Sorry for your wallet! Hahaha!
  24. lui_boy

    Earphones that OWN the IEMs!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nocturnal310 I totally agree.. I didnt like PK2's...the highs are too apparent..they aint harsh but they ruin the midrange. the PK3 are awesome for Electronic music with powerful bass but details are low then. PK1 are just perfect with Portable Amps...