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    Hotrodding the X-Fi: A Layman's Guide (No 56k)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Apocalypsee I currently use LME49720, is there any other opamp I should try? Planning to try either LT1364 or LT1361 ad8620
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    Onboard vs Xonar DX - Senn 595's

    Increase of sound quality? - Sure Increase in output Power? - doubtful
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    New Caps for amps PSU

    I have Talisman T-31H headphone amp and i'm getting slight hiss from headphones. Far as i know most likely reason for that is failing electrolytic capacitor in power circuit. 2200uF 35V caps are used there. Now i'm familiar with electronics but this Audio grade components is unknown ground to...
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    MF X-cans v1 modding

    Hi i bought stock x-cans v1 headphone amp recently and now i want to add some mods to it. Heres what i'm planning to to (tell me what you think): 1) 1A 12V (12VA) Ac power supply (to replace original 6VA 12V 500mA) 2) Change stock 9622 tubes to 6N23P-EV (btw 6N23P-EV is correct name not...
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    Customs question (EU)

    Some time ago when i wanted to buy that amp i found same link (france), but guy told me that amps are in china... But keep us posted if u find some useful info.
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    Customs question (EU)

    There are couple of shortcuts you can take that will reduce total cost of this amplifier. First of all you should find out in what terms you DONT have o pay customs fee. In Estonia you don't have to pay it when package comes from private person and is marked max 20USD value. Second thing is...
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    List your top 3 best looking amps

    Quote: Originally Posted by akgk1000 RY-81M pentode..? WOWWW ;-) Dunno, i just selected 3 best pictures from Estonian Hifi club (custom made amps).
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    I just ordered a Auzentech AZT X-Meridian

    They sound good but you will need browndog adapter.
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    Capacitors - general question

    F = 1/(2 * pi * C * R) saw this formula and as i understand: smaller capacity results higher freq cut off? Something like: 10uf cap would allow 20hz to pass but 22uf would allow lets say 10hz to pass? Other words that when capacity is small then there is no bass? Did i understand it correctly?
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    Capacitors - general question

    I checked my local online store today to se what they have and while looking different caps the questions kept coming :lol: <- hope it opens fine for you. Anyway it ELNA electrolytic cap with description: Low impedance at high frequencies...
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    Amp for Sennheiser HD650

    I also need an amp to drive hd650 properly (should get them next week ). My source is onkyo se-200 sound card and budget for amp is 300USD max.
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    Capacitors - general question

    Tnx for your reply. If someone knows some good links regarding caps or if there is similar thread in head-fi i would be greatful for link.
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    New, need help on sound card/amp

    That kind of amp would have to have its own dac and it would be out of your price range. Another thing is that that it would have to have good dac to make better sound than this prelude card, so it would cost like 1000$ at least IMO. So 3,5mm is the way to go.
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    How good is my SPDIF out?

    I would also like to know cons of your current setup versus external soundcard. from what I've heard cheap parts of your on board card specially clock (quartz) will produce jitter to outgoing signal what isn't good for quality.
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    New, need help on sound card/amp

    Auzen Prelude is to be released soon. It has x-fi chip and good analog part so it's good "all round" card. As for UPS i would suggest that you first get your amp and stuff and try it out. If there are problems then you should think of something. Cables shouldn't be a problem. I mean you don't...
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    Capacitors - general question

    Hi i'm pretty new to all this hiend audio and stuff so i'm not familiar to lot of those things. What i would like to know is about Capacitors in general. What kind of caps are good and what types should be used( how to i know that lets say ceramic is best for that particular place). There are...
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    PCMCIA solution: E-MU 02 vs Echo Indigo DJ?

    If my laptop has cheap pcmcia controller could there be a problem with those soundcards? a while ago i found out that it would work very poorly with creative pcmcia card (can't recall exact name now. audigy some sort probably).
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    Hotrodding the X-Fi: A Layman's Guide (No 56k)

    Quote: Originally Posted by kamal007 anyone compared the modded xfi to the X-Meridian? I like x-meridian little better.
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    Does M-Audio 5.1 have hiss?

    I think there might be some conflict with drivers or something similiar because it should be decent soundcard and should not have any auditable hiss. I have shure e5c and i have tried lots of soundcards and there is no hiss. Exept onboard cards tht have terrible hiss.
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    New, need help on sound card/amp

    If your into gaming mostly i suggsest to get x-fi. I've heard games specially BF2 sound lot better with it since it has eax-5 and game supports it. Opamp upgrade would also be suggsested to improve sound quality. And you want headphone amp if im correct? If u plan to use it only in home i would...
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    laptop soundcard sucks.. hows an external soundcard?

    If u want to get somekind of computer speakers then they have integrated amp. But soundcard of cource can't drive unamped speaker.
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    Having some real trouble choosing a soundcard to buy, help wanted!

    Quote: Originally Posted by robert1325 where can you get the pre-modded cards? I think I could do the mod, but would rather get it pre-modded if I bought it. You can contact florinbaiduc via email or private message. He helped to get me my card. x-meridian doesnt require...
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    Inventor finds energy source while looking for cancer cure.

    Bottom line is that there is currently no alternative to petrolium. When we run out of it aprox from 40 years at current (growing) consumtion rates were simply ****ed.
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    Headphone/Soundcard Noise

    You can also try to set your players priority to High in task manager. Might help...