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  1. electrosoccertux

    VBR vs. ABR

    Quote: Originally Posted by fearless I think I'm going to stick to -aps, I can't see much benefit of -alt preset extreme with my current setup nor ABR. -Aps sounds good to me and seems like a good comprimise between filespace and quality. I have another question, how much does the...
  2. electrosoccertux

    Need to control subwoofer crossover via SPDIF through my AV710(?) to Logitech z5500

    I've found the main problem with my z5500's is in satellite->subwoofer crossover. I've been able to change this some by a bit of EQ tweaking, but I can't do anything about how my sub starts kicking in at ~250hz. My thinking is that if I can somehow use foobar to output each channel seperately...