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  1. Shingetsu

    ATH-WS70 vs ATH-ES7

    Yeah, the want to switch to the WS70 is also a cosmetic thing. My ES7s are too damn shiny and i always want to wipe them off. lol. Plus if the bass is really better on the WS70s then Im just gonna sells the ES7s and go with those.
  2. Shingetsu

    ATH-WS70 vs ATH-ES7

    How do they compare? Any help would be appreciated. I am a bass head so I am looking for alot of bass. and the earpads look a bit more comfy than the es7's Thanks again.
  3. Shingetsu

    New AT Portables: ATH-ES10 and ATH-WS70

    lol meh im gonna get a pair of ATH-WS70
  4. Shingetsu

    Ifrogz timbre

    guess no one huh?
  5. Shingetsu

    Ifrogz timbre

    Just bought these as a pair of cheap work out IEMs. Any one have them? Thoughts opinions?
  6. Shingetsu

    What Headphones Are You Using Right Now?

    At Work with my Sony's. Quick question, where do i post to ask questions about IEMs? Headphone or portable audio?
  7. Shingetsu

    Gundam Rising

    I just got back from japan and got to see this! Odaiba is packed around sunset.
  8. Shingetsu

    SONY MDR-XB700 HEADPHONES, any reviews?

    Ive auditioned all 3 of these at the local sony style store here and I would say that they are good headphones for the market they are going for. I had my ES7s to compare with while i was there. Overall all the cans are comfy, the 700 and the 300 more so than the 500 because my ears felt a...
  9. Shingetsu

    Fatal1ty Professional Series Gaming Headset Mk II

    Razer Megalodon - Put Sound In Its Place | Razer | For Gamers. By Gamers.™ | This looks more comfy than those fatality headsets.
  10. Shingetsu

    Headphones for a Programmer

    3 things, Something Velour, Something closed, Something with light clamp, Somethinkg AKG. Id say, the 271 suggestion earlier is your best bet but if clamping force isnt much of an issue id go ultrasone. If he works in a cold area(I do, air conditioned server area), Leather or pleather...
  11. Shingetsu

    Best options for DJing Trance/Electronic music in a club environment?

    Sennheiser HD25. Good bass impact and they stay on your head really well, good amount of clamp. extremely durable, just not the most impressive looking pair of cans.
  12. Shingetsu

    Which non production can would you like to see come back

    HE90 Ova HD580 jubilee <---way better looking than both the HD600 and HD650 L3000
  13. Shingetsu

    [Manga] headphone museum

    FYI The site is called Headphone MUSUME. Musume - むすめ - 娘 - are other wise known as young (unmarried) girls. Musume also means daughter. There are tons of different varieties of these musume, some are of the mecha type, some are of the military type, some are dresses as food, etc etc...
  14. Shingetsu

    [Manga] headphone museum

    lol damn it need a nsfw here.
  15. Shingetsu

    MDR-7506/V6: First hour.

    I love these as work cans with Beyer dt150 velour pads on them. very comfy
  16. Shingetsu

    Which cans sound like Grado but have around-the-ear fit ?

    Take your grados, Put GS1000 pads on. Boom Circumaural.
  17. Shingetsu

    Ultrasone + SLogic

    any good places to get a resonably priced Pro900?
  18. Shingetsu

    Starving Student Powerful Enough For HD600's?

    Drives my HD580s just fine. Has a bit of a hard time on my 601s though.
  19. Shingetsu

    Heaphones/ IEMs, to sleep with

    was also thinking that as well but i see the time before i fall asleep as a rare opportunity to really listen to some music, as the rest of my room mates should be asleep. but ill have to look into what my budget holds for me. So far, Q-jays, and the Klipsh sound good, unless i find some real...
  20. Shingetsu

    Heaphones/ IEMs, to sleep with

    Hmm Do either of these IEMs need an amp? id rather not get a portable amp right now.
  21. Shingetsu

    Heaphones/ IEMs, to sleep with

    Wow those are really small. looks good so far. any other suggestions? What do you guys thinkk about sleeks?
  22. Shingetsu

    Heaphones/ IEMs, to sleep with

    Yes i mean in that way. But seriously, Used to love falling asleep to some jams out of my ipod to my old pair of sony whatevers, but now im all about cans and have found i cant really sleep with cans on (unless its in a chair, go figure). So was looking into earclip headphones like the EW9...
  23. Shingetsu

    Why so much K701 hate lately?

    Quote: Originally Posted by fjrabon I dont even really read it as hate. I generally read it as "this is what the K701 does, if you are after that, then you'll love it, if you're not, then you'll hate it." main() { printf(" THE T-R-U-T-H. \n"); printf(" Discussion over...