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  1. AnakChan

    The Brise Audio Japan Cable Thread

    Wait, which cable? They clearly do have pictures of their earphone cables with right angled plugs. I'd just think it'll depend on how many wires you go for - i.e. Yatono Ultimate 8-Wire with large gauge may be difficult do that on a L-type plug, but Yatono Ultimate can have right angled plugs.
  2. AnakChan

    Stax SR-X9000

    I don't have the x9000 nor do I have the BHSE. I have the SR-009, used to own the SRM-727 and now have the Electra. I've also borrowed @arnaud's and listened to the BHSE for a few weeks. It's been many years now but at least in my experience with the aforementioned headphones/amps, but at least...
  3. AnakChan

    The Brise Audio Japan Cable Thread

    Not anymore :). Moved back to Australia after 19.5 yrs in Japan.
  4. AnakChan

    The Brise Audio Japan Cable Thread

    Probably best to go through whoever you bought it through ( assuming you bought it new - I don't know what the policy is for used). I've not had anything repaired before (but I did ask them to change connectors as I repurposed my cable for a different pair of headphones) but I believe they...
  5. AnakChan

    Vintage 70s or 80s full sized headphones recommendations?

    Thanks for the suggestions folks. Will convey the message and keep an eye on both the aforementioned AKG & Sennheiser models. I don't know the full parameters around the interest in the vintage 70s/80s headphones but I gather it's part nostalgia, aesthetics, and probably sound would be a factor...
  6. AnakChan

    Vintage 70s or 80s full sized headphones recommendations?

    Thx for your response richard51. I didn’t realise the K240 had been around that long. You’ve provided a lot of info for further digging! I’ll convey the message to my friend.
  7. AnakChan

    Sennheiser HD 660S2 thread

    All, I've deleted some posts. Please stick to the topic.
  8. AnakChan

    Vintage 70s or 80s full sized headphones recommendations?

    Asking this on behalf of a friend, does anyone know of vintage 70s or 80s full sized cans they would recommend? In addition to that, aside from the obvious eBay, know of any places where where they can be sourced?
  9. AnakChan

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    V-Moda I hear you say? No it's a V-Modex by Armaegis which I picked up from Maxx134 9 years back. Still have this in my headphone stash after all these years. The power of the Woo Audio WA11 Topaz drives this well.
  10. AnakChan

    Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Noise Cancelling

    I’m at the airport and they had 1x XM5 left. I was very tempted to buy but I haven’t (yet? - 50 mins to flight :D). Picking it up in my hand, felt rather plasticky but I appreciated the weight and comfort in comparison to my Airpods Max. They really do feel very much lighter and much more...
  11. AnakChan

    Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo - Discussion and Impressions Thread

    That is very strange as my iPhone 12 Pro Max (iOS 14.7.1 still) is working with the original Cypherlabs Algorhythm Solo from 2011, as well as the Solo -dB. Both CLAS worked with my iPhone X and iPhone 7 too (and presumably with my iPhone 6 which I'm sure I've tested in the past but that's going...
  12. AnakChan

    Can you hear a difference between DAC's?

    Terms of Service which you all agreed to when you all signed up with Head-Fi :- This thread is a survey. Feel free to reply to YOUR experience, but beyond that bring it to the Sound Science forum instead.
  13. AnakChan

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    No, but I'm nostalgic. And I have a lot of cables 30-pin LO for it too!
  14. AnakChan

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    Am I the only one saddened by today’s news? My little friend below brought me to Head-Fi over a decade ago… RIP iPod
  15. AnakChan

    Tokyo Headphone festival 2022 mini report, April 29

    Great report Sasaki-san! I absolutely miss all of this so much! Good to see all the familiar faces with brand new products. Thank you for the report!
  16. AnakChan


    I’ve cleaned up this thread deleting posts of about burn in/break in, etc. Please stay on course to the subject of this thread.
  17. AnakChan

    Vintage OG and Present Day TOTL Comparisons and Impressions Thread

    Yes, please do….to all subscribers of this thread.
  18. AnakChan

    Stax SR-X9000

    Let’s get back on topic guys. There’s a separate Holo Spring thread floating around. Recommend to move the topic there.
  19. AnakChan

    Woo Audio WA8 Review - Head-Fi TV

    There's a chap in Japan's Yahoo Auction that has a variety of tubes for the WA8 that's all ready for plug 'n play. I think it goes without saying that try at your own risk and I'm guessing that if anything goes wrong with your WA8, don't expect any warranty to be honoured in this case.
  20. AnakChan

    Unexpected background noise recorded onto music - What have you heard recently?

    Necroposting my own thread here. So on The Bangles' Greatest Hits Eternal Flame (Track 10) at around 03:28-03:30, there's "something" that like a stack of books or horse hoofs that's trotting from the right to the left channel. It's bugging that I can't work out what it is!!
  21. AnakChan

    What pair of headphones do you regret selling the most?

    I have to say it's my Fostex TH-900, I actually regret letting this go much more than the Focal Utopia's. Many years later, I have the Stax SR-009 and Hifiman Susvaras which are more desktop-level headphones, or the V-Moda Crossfades and Dali iO-6 which are my fun headphones. Would have been...
  22. AnakChan

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

    Cypher Labs still running strong!!
  23. AnakChan

    Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo - Discussion and Impressions Thread

    Don't know about the iPod Nano 3rd Gen, but the iPhone 12 Pro Max works with the Solo -dB P.S. don't criticise my choice of music ;-).
  24. AnakChan

    Eddie Current Zana Deux owners

    Hi @streamline I have to say I don't remember. Going by memory, I had the original Zana Deux which did not have a switch. I enquired with Craig Uthus about how to make it into the ZDSE and found a local modder in Japan who could tweak it based on some instructions I got from Craig. So AFAIK it...