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  1. lukeswits

    Problem with my Sennheiser HD 25 MK2 headphones

    I'm trying to diagnose what needs fixing with my pair of HD25s. Sometimes the right ear will drop out which first made me believe that it's the cable or headphone jack, but I noticed that when I ramp up the volume the right ear comes back. So at high volumes the right ear plays fine, but when I...
  2. lukeswits

    Swan M12 What do you think?

    what would be better for computer use/producing music/DJing the m12s or the d1080mII (with no subwoofer)?
  3. lukeswits

    Newb, DJ, $100

    Looking for some headphones to accompany my mixer and ill also use it for my Samsung YP P2. I'm trying to spend $100, no more. I spent too much on a mixer . So any suggestions? Thanks
  4. lukeswits

    Wesc headphones?

    anyone else know anything?
  5. lukeswits

    Wesc headphones?

    Are they any good? I like the price, and the looks. But i haven't tried any out. Would they be good just for on the go ipod use and some at home DJing? Has anybody tried these out? Im looking to get the Street model.
  6. lukeswits

    ATH-PRO5MS or Sony MDR-V700DJ?

    ok but i want a headphone that looks good and im planning on using it for DJing. i dont have a good bugget either. between those two, which one is better?
  7. lukeswits

    ATH-PRO5MS or Sony MDR-V700DJ?

    Which one will be better for portable use? My mp3 player is loaded with a variety from rock, blues, to heavy distorted electronica. Which one has the best sound?
  8. lukeswits


    i wanted to buy these headphones as kinda like my first audiophile purchase. i dont wanna spend too much and i figured that these were good from what i read. but i was wondering will i need an amp or anything, or will the headphone jack even fit into my samsung yp p2?
  9. lukeswits


    by the way, for any P2 owners i suggest download the latest full version of the program called MediaCoder. it has an extension specifically for the YPP2 screen when you convert videos, it makes life a lot easier.
  10. lukeswits

    Samsung YP-P2 vs Sony A818

    Quote: Originally Posted by p2A810wner Ive got both, well the atrac version of the Sony. I loved it when I got it when it came out, ever since getting the P2 I dont use the Sony. Sony sounds lovely. But the P2 is just fantastic. Watching videos onit is much better than watching it on...
  11. lukeswits


    when i updated my p2 today there was no double click anymore so its way faster. i love this thing. but i need to find a video converter for it, can anyone recommend a good mpeg4, or wmv converter?
  12. lukeswits

    Samsung YP-P2 vs Sony A818

    im gonna go with the P2. the sony is probably a really good player, but i think the small screen will make me regret what i bought. plus i dont have an expensive pair of headphones to put on this baby so i guess i would cheating on the SQ part. i think the p2 fills my needs, and from what i...
  13. lukeswits


    yeah i will be picking this thing up tomorrow. its the best bang for your buck.
  14. lukeswits

    Samsung YP-P2 vs Sony A818

    Ok, it has come down to these 2 players. The Sony im guessing has the better sound quality, but it lacks the video capabilities and overall sexiness. The P2 has the video and sexiness, but i'd rather have tactile controls, and im not sure how good the SQ is on the P2. Has anyone tried it out...
  15. lukeswits

    Good budget Over the Ear Headphones

    Hey i need some good over the ear headphones in the 100 dollar range. try not to go over. i wanna use these for DJing, and going to school. I was looking at soem grado sr60s or sr80s but those are on ear right? I was wondering, are the grados noisy on the outside, are they comfortable? Can i...
  16. lukeswits

    SQ on the New Zens?

    Im having trouble deciding on which mp3 player to buy. I think it has come down to the Sony A818 and the New 8Gb Zens. i was wondering, do the new Zens have a good sound quality? What i like about them is the screen size, and the video capabilities which the sony doesnt have. But im worried that...
  17. lukeswits

    Cheap MP3/DJ headphones?

    Im a complete noob when it comes to headphones. Anyways im looking for DJ style headphones that i can use for DJing on my decks and i can plug it into my Sony A818, around the 100 dollar price range. Im trying to not go over too much though.