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  1. keasy

    AKG 612pro Dead.

    Hi, My phone's i used for pc gaming have given up on me. The akg 612pro, not the highest end phones but i loved them for pc gaming and listening to music on my rig, not on my network receiver though as they are open backed and the leakage annoyed my wife.. Can anyone rec me a new pair that give...
  2. keasy

    Closed phones reccomendations £100-£200

    Hi folks, I'm wandering aimlessly around the internet for new headphones and I have no idea what to go for. I was hoping for some advice or suggestions. I current have AKG K612 pros which I love. The problem is that they're open backed and as such when I hook them up to my Yamaha RN_602 network...
  3. keasy

    £600 - Network Player + Speakers ?

    Hi folks, I've got six hundred bucks Sterling that I was going to spend on a new CPU and MOBO but I've decided to go for a sounds set up instead. I'd like a network/music streamer and speakers that I can later add a vinyl deck to. I'm clueless and would like the best I could get for my money...
  4. keasy

    Sennheiser GSX 1000 / 1200 Impressions

    Just ordered, despite it's hefty IMO price tag.   Hope it runs my AKG K612 Pro's ok.   Currently use SBZ with SBX and tBH it's no where near surround to me.   Hoping this is far more distinguishable.
  5. keasy

    Solid State Headphone Amp

    PS   I'm not looking for any audiophile grade equipment here, just something that will boost my music a bit.   Would some thing like this do ?  ...
  6. keasy

    Solid State Headphone Amp

    I've just bought a pair of AKG K612 Pro headphones and a Sound Blaster Z.   I wanted a balance between positioning in VSS games and music.   So far the VSS is very good on these phones but the music is beautiful, better than what I was used to on my Panasonic HTF-600's (which I still love)...
  7. keasy

    Hi, AKG K612 Pro - Purchased. What Now ?

    Hi there,   my first post so I thought I would introduce my self rather as just outright ask my first question and feel like I'm taking advantage of others good natures!     I'm keasy (sic, no capital) and I'm a 40 something married dad of two with a mortgage, wife, cat and HP on my family...