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  1. autosound

    Three Stones MiniBox-E+ - Review of a Humble Sleeper (LOTS of PICs)

    I got one of the original versions of the Minibox E+ about 4-5 years ago.  I loved how it sounded but I had issues with the input and output jacks soon after.  Sound would cut in and out if if the headphone jack or LOD wasn't held the right way.  I stopped using it a long time ago because of...
  2. autosound

    Please help: Measure your Grados!

    SR300 - 24mm
  3. autosound

    Darkvoice 336 + 336i Tuberolling [ tubes ]

    I did the Fitz mod a couple of days ago and the hum is gone. Now I can finally enjoy my TS 5998. Thanks for all of the great advice guys.
  4. autosound

    Darkvoice 336 + 336i Tuberolling [ tubes ]

    Well, I bought the Tung Sol 5998 with the green label to roll with my 336i. It sounds pretty good at high volumes but the hum at low volumes is unbearable with my Syl 6sn7gtb. Used this combo for at least 30 hours and the hum is still just as loud. The TS 5998 tubes were kind of expensive so I...
  5. autosound

    UPDATED: Boston/Massachusetts Area - March 6th

    I might have a couple of things to do Sat. so I'd like some advice. Going by past meet experiences, do Head-fiers usually come set up at the beginning and stay until the end or is there a 2 hour time frame where you can expect the most traffic? If I can't make it from the start, I'd like to show...
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    MS Finance, Bentley.
  7. autosound

    Anyone buy a yen-audio HD650 leather headband wrap?

    I have a pair and have taken really really good care of them. The chipping problem is inevitable. I put it back in the box after every use, and still a chip is developing. Everytime you pull the cups apart to put them on your head, you stress the band, which this pad will not prevent. It can...
  8. autosound

    Darkvoice 336 + 336i Tuberolling [ tubes ]

    Wow, what a difference a tube makes. I now can clearly tell the difference between my ss amps and my 336i. The tube has added the warmth I always expected out of it and now I'm disappointed that I have waited so long. I simply love the new sound. Now, after a bit more reading, a question has...
  9. autosound

    My 7 yr old daughter now has a favorite headphone and amp!!!

    This is a slippery slope.......10th Christmas, she's going to want a pony and an Orpheus.
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    UPDATED: Boston/Massachusetts Area - March 6th

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bostonears I'll try to bring my recabled AT ESW9, so we could have a side-by-side comparison of the cable change. Very cool, I am looking forward to hearing them.
  11. autosound

    Darkvoice 336 + 336i Tuberolling [ tubes ]

    Hi Skylab, I ran into some of your old posts and found that you liked the Jan 6AS7G Chatham Electronic tube which is actually the one I received with the amp when I bought it second hand. It does have alot of small fragments bouncing around in it, but it still works. I think I'll just wait...
  12. autosound

    UPDATED: Boston/Massachusetts Area - March 6th

    I will definitely try to make it out there that weekend. I'll probably be bringing: AKG K601 AT ESW9 PX100s for those that have never heard them before Minibox E+ DV336i If anyone's interested in hearing them, I can bring Sony D-777, D515, D5a - PCDPs Hope I can make it.
  13. autosound

    Darkvoice 336 + 336i Tuberolling [ tubes ]

    Thanks Skylab, that's just what I wanted to hear. I'll have to grab a new power tube as well. Any particular tubes that will match my tube well?
  14. autosound

    New Website!

    Congrats on the update Todd.
  15. autosound

    Darkvoice 336 + 336i Tuberolling [ tubes ]

    Hi guys, hoping you guys might be able to chime in on this one. I've had my 336i for almost a year now and have been somewhat avoiding the tube rolling threads because, first of all, it's confusing as hell, and second, I don't really want to get pulled into another wallet shrinking hobby. Well...
  16. autosound

    Predators are getting bolder- A terrible loss.

    I also want to express my condolences to you and your family. Let us hope the legal system does not forget this tragedy.
  17. autosound

    Gloves for Winter?

    53? Let's hit the beach! jk I knocked over my speaker into my window last week and have had a trashbag/cardboard window for about a week now. It's 20's here in boston and about 45 in my room. It's not so bad at first but after a couple of hours, your toes and face go completely numb, lol. No...
  18. autosound

    In my case, if my college GPA drops, will it matter?

    Hey Kirosia, I'm also attending a B-school in Ma and I have to say that even though the job market is looking up, the finance industry still has one of the highest unemployment rates. With that in mind, I would say to not take any chances and put as much effort as you can in keeping up your...
  19. autosound

    How do cars work in the cold?

    Just wondering, why is it bad to idle the car for long when you start it. In the winter, I usually autostart for 5-10 minutes to get the car to operating temps before I hit the road. Any reason why I shouldn't do this anymore?
  20. autosound

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Mission 775 Floorstanding Speakers, my first foray into speakers.......amazing.
  21. autosound

    I need a high-end portable system around $ 1.500.--, please give me suggestions...

    Quote: Originally Posted by brn80 Psst... this thread is 8 years old... Haha, I was wondering why they were talking about the 6gb Jukebox with no mention of the sansa clip which is about 1/15 the size. This is pre-iPod era.
  22. autosound

    Ue11 19927 re-do demand

    Quote: Originally Posted by sonysun continuing concentrate on Huh?
  23. autosound

    Getting skeptical: does "better" really exist?

    Preference plays a big role. A ferrari is faster and more expensive than a Buick, but to your grandma, it might not be better.
  24. autosound

    Help me Choose from these two closed headphones! Sennheiser hd 25 or Audio Technica esw10

    Quote: Originally Posted by jonathanjong Wait...cannot consider what? I'm in NZ, and I can easily get my hands on ESW9, ESW10, and HD25. All from overseas, of course. She is most likely referring to the cans for sale on the for sale forum. Also, I just got my hands on a pair of...