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  1. jtack

    Quick Westone UM Pro 50 / Linum BAX question

    I ordered a Linum BAX cable for my Westone UM Pro 50. When I installed the cable, #1 the connector didn't sit flush, the copper barrel was visible. #2 it felt loose, and wobbly. The stock cable was firm, no movement side to side. The Linum BAX connector was wobbly, like it was slightly bigger in...
  2. jtack

    Linum Bax Question

    Is there a difference between the Linum Bax cables that are on B&H/Adorama and the Linum Bax website? Are they the same cables?
  3. jtack

    Lightning to USB 3

    Trying to find if there are any makers of lightning to USB 3 in a form factor similar to the lightning to USB 2 cable. I'm wanting just the USB port not the charging port too in order to cut down on size.
  4. jtack

    New Dragonfly Black and Red Discussion

    Just received my DFR. Using iPhone 7 plus, Tidal HiFi, Heir Audio 4.ais. Sound is noticeably cleaner and has more impact down low. It's hard for me to describe the difference. It produces a special sound. Using the lightning to USB 2 camera kit I have heard a few pops. Seems to only happen when...
  5. jtack

    JVC HA-FX850 iem. Woody

    This is what I would like to know.
  6. jtack

    JVC HA-FX850 iem. Woody

    How long did it take to receive?
  7. jtack

    Going from FX700 to IE800

    Thank you! Did you purchase off Ebay?
  8. jtack

    Going from FX700 to IE800

    Thank you all for the reply. I think I might wait for the reviews to come out on the FX850 and see what that might offer over the fx700.
  9. jtack

    Going from FX700 to IE800

    I am thinking about going from my current FX700 to IE800. I am powering from Iphone 5s. I can get the IE800's new for $650. Are the IE800's worth the money coming from my FX700's. What should I expect as far as sound differences between the two?   Thanks!
  10. jtack

    LG Optimus F3 ?

    How do I find out what audio chip is in my LG Optimus F3. I looked at all the review websites and it didn't list.
  11. jtack

    JVC HA-FX700 review : WOODEN KING of Dynamic iems

    I just received my fx700's. They have about 9 hours of burn in and right off I can say for me they sound significantly better in all areas compared to my ie80 and my monster miles davis. Playing flac through cowon iaudio 9. If these do indeed get better as the burn in continues that would be...
  12. jtack

    ie80 behind the ear wire?

    Just picked up some ie80s so compare to my monster mdt. I let them burn in for a day and then gave a listen. I dont think they are an improvement really to the monsters. I was going ti keep them anyway, however i really hate wearing the wire over my ear. It never really stays put. The included...
  13. jtack

    Sennheiser IE80's Impressions Thread

    I just picked up a pair of ie80's to compare to my monster miles davis tributes. I let them burn in for a day and then gave a listen. It was good but nothing really that much better or any better than the monsters. I adjusted the bass level which was a nice feature and did the tape mod which...
  14. jtack

    Monster Miles Davis to 1964 Quad

    I currently have Monster Miles Davis Tributes and am thinking of going to 1964 Ears Quad. I am using a Cowon I Audio 9. Is the price justified in switching out my Monster's? I guess what I am wanting to know is if the 1964 Ears Quad is a big step up from the Monster's. Thanks!
  15. jtack

    What would I gain with Pico Slim vs JDS CMOY

    That's helpful, thanks!
  16. jtack

    What would I gain with Pico Slim vs JDS CMOY

    Hello, I currently have a Cowon IAudio9/JDS CMOY/Miles Davis IEM's. What would I gain by switching over my amp to the Pico Slim or something similar, ie. Headstage Arrow? Thanks!
  17. jtack

    Monster MD Fit Questions

    Thank you all for your advice!
  18. jtack

    Monster MD Fit Questions

    I did not insert so deeply and also used the small foam tips instead of the small silicone tips and it seemed to help out. Thank you for your help!
  19. jtack

    Monster MD Fit Questions

    I am having fitting issues with my Monster MD. I am using the smaller white tips and get a really good seal when I do as suggested on their website and open my mouth when inserting. The problem is that that sound varies when I move around. It is like my ear canal moves when I lay down, walk...
  20. jtack

    How many Ohm's for Monster Miles Davis

    Explains why I cannot find the information myself. I wonder if they would be considered low impedance?
  21. jtack

    How many Ohm's for Monster Miles Davis

    Does anyone know? Thanks!
  22. jtack

    AMP Help

    Hello, I have an IAudio 9 and Monster MD IEM's. I am looking to get a portable amp to see if my headphones can sound even better. Will I gain that much more sq by choosing something like the Heastage Arrow, IBasso T3D, etc. over a JDS CMOY? The reviews on the JDS site make it sound like his amp...
  23. jtack

    Which one of these CMOY's are best     Would the difference between these two be noticeable?   Thanks!
  24. jtack

    Cowon IAudio 9 + CMOY Amp

    Is the headphone out on my IAudio 9 clean enough to use a CMOY amp? My adding the CMOY amp to my player, am I going to be taking away any SQ? Thanks!