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    MySphere 3.2 DAC Suggestions?

    Hi folks, Would love some suggestions regarding DACs for the MySphere 3.2s. Going to be using the Grace Design M903 Amp. Thanks.
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    MySphere 3.2 Amplifier Suggestions?

    Hi all, I just acquired a pair of MySphere 3.2's, and I'm looking for suggestions for what type of amp to use, and why. REALLY appreciate the help! :)
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    Modhouse Argon Balanced T50RP Mk3 Equalizer Help Needed

    Hi folks, Just got a pair of shiny new Modhouse Argon Balanced T50RP Mk3's! I'd love to know some decent equalizer options for these guys, as well as maybe any good amp/dac combo that doesn't break the bank. Thanks everyone.
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    HD800 DAC Pairing

    I've decided on the Topping D50s DAC. Seems to have great reviews, and everything I'd like to tinker with in DSP as well. Plus, I saved some cash! :)
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    HD800 DAC Pairing

    Reading now :)
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    HD800 DAC Pairing

    Thank you will take a look for sure. Any experience with Resonnesence?
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    HD800 DAC Pairing

    I'm a believer!
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    Resonnesence Concero HD Thoughts??

    Hi all! I saw a good deal recently on a Resonnesence Concero HD - anyone have experience with this unit? Thanks, Dan
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    HD800 DAC Pairing

    Budget is 1000 more or less
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    HD800 DAC Pairing

    Hi all, Looking for suggestions for a decent DAC. I am using the Woo Audio WA7 right now which I enjoy. Anything helps! Thank you!
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    WTB Stax HPS-2 Earspeaker Stand and Cover

    Looking to buy the HPS-2 stand and earspeaker cover. Thanks.
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    HiFiMan Original Jade Electrostatics

    Hi all, Any experience with the original Jade electrostatic headphones?? Haven't seen many articles or reviews anywhere. Can someone point me in the right direction?
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    Need Amp and DAC connection help!

    Really appreciate it, cool!
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    Need Amp and DAC connection help!

    Thanks Purple. I saw this on the PerfectWave quick start guide. Is there still no issue?
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    Need Amp and DAC connection help!

    This is an image of the STAX amp...
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    Need Amp and DAC connection help!

    Hi folks, I’m considering grabbing the PerfectWave DAC MKII DAC, and want to know if it will work with the very old, but restored, STAX SRA-7S amp. The PW I believe can only be connected to RCA and line level would this combo work? Attached is the photo of the back of the STAX Amp...
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    Looking for: STAX Lambda Signatures

    Hi all, Couldn't figure out how to post in the classifieds, so posting here - looking to buy a pair of STAX Lambda sigs. Let me know, thanks!
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    The WickedSchiit Meet - New England - Nov 18th, 2018

    Definitely coming, not entirely sure what my gear will be, but will 100% be bringing Sigma Pro Stax cans.
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    New audio guy here!

    HI all, Been very interested in getting into electrostatics - I absolutely LOVE listening to all kinds of music, especially acoustic covers of classic rock songs, etc. Fin fact - recently bought a pretty mint condition STAX Sigma Pro and STAX Lamda Pro. Currently looking for the best way to...
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    Moved to later date/new post: New England Meet October 28, 2018

    ABsolutely interested, would be coming from Medford, MA