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  1. ramir

    miniplug 2 miniplug optical cable - where in EU?

    does anybody know, where I could buy in EU mini optical cable like this from Sysconcept shown at jamato8 thread: I need this for d10 and h120 of course TIA
  2. ramir

    My Beresford TC7520 DAC initial impressions. 56K, abandon hope all ye who enter.

    quality of sound this toy produces is terrific especially in duet with denons d2000. even my beyers dt880 `03 had to step back...
  3. ramir

    Trouble with headphones with Beresford 7520

    Quote: Originally Posted by denp I find the 7520 headamp to be a very good match with the Denons D2000 (...) true I own that combo and the synergy is amazing! treble is open and transparent, plenty of details. midrange is smooth, never aggressive and bass... has this WOW factor...
  4. ramir

    Cans like Atrio M8

    Quote: Originally Posted by QQQ So Atrio is sibilant? nop, never. atrios are clean and very sweet; they lack little bit of treble but you will find plenty of detail when listening for a while.
  5. ramir

    Cans like Atrio M8

    thanks I am now happy d2000 owner and preparing for Markl mod...
  6. ramir

    Cans like Atrio M8

    thanks AmanGeorge any other suggestions for freshman?...
  7. ramir

    Futuresonics Atrio's

    I own m8 powered by ibasso d2 and bass is a killer...
  8. ramir

    Cans like Atrio M8

    Hi! I`m looking for a full-size headphones with similar sound signature to atrio m8 iems. Any suggestions? TIA