miniplug 2 miniplug optical cable - where in EU?
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Apr 7, 2009
does anybody know, where I could buy in EU mini optical cable like this from Sysconcept shown at jamato8 thread:

I need this for d10 and h120 of course

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I'd just browse ebay if you have paypal, shipping shouldn't be expensive
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believe me, I did...
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I could be wrong, but I don't think there is an optical cable with mini (3.5mm) connectors on both ends. Most optical cables have the standard Toslink connector or the now rarely used AT&T connector (for glass optical).

There is a mini to toslink converter for optical out from a computer's internal soundcard and Van den Hull makes an optical cable with mini on the source end and Toslink on the sink end. But, I never hreard of a mini on both ends of an optical.

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Every time I have seen a mini-TOSLink cable, it has been a standard TOSLink cable with a mini-adaptor snapped onto it, similar to the ones HeadRoom stocks or the ones shows for "mini toslink." Is that an acceptable arrangement to you, or are you looking for something that is built from the start as a mini-to-mini?

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