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  1. rasokuhl

    What book are you reading right now?

    A friend let me borrow Cat's Cradle - I have a lot of books I need to get to still.
  2. rasokuhl

    Dishonored 2

    I enjoyed the first one too + will pick up this one as well; it looks fantastic! It will nice to have new powers also!
  3. rasokuhl

    Fallout 4.

    I cannot wait, I've been hooked ever since a friend introduced me to Fallout. Been itching for something new and it's almost time :-)
  4. rasokuhl

    "Hidden Gems" - Songs you like that few recognize

    The Youngbloods Euphoria 
  5. rasokuhl

    Music that makes you cry?

    Most songs by Townes Van Zandt tear me up. 
  6. rasokuhl

    Best classical recordings...ever!

    I love the electronic adaptations of Wendy Carlos! 
  7. rasokuhl

    New here/learning

    All the things I've got so far came by accident and just looking around, not really expecting what to come across. I recently did a big record haul and was given a pair of Koss K/6X Plus - yeah, I know they aren't great but for some reason I had memories of playing with my father's receiver back...
  8. rasokuhl

    New here/learning

    Hi! I'm getting into good sound recently and finally got a little set up going, but I don't have a good pair of gear to listen to stuff on. I'm just keeping my mind and eyes open, discovering and reading about others mostly. Great to be here!