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Aug 27, 2015
Hi! I'm getting into good sound recently and finally got a little set up going, but I don't have a good pair of gear to listen to stuff on. I'm just keeping my mind and eyes open, discovering and reading about others mostly. Great to be here!
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Hello and welcome to the forums! Don't worry, in time you will get good gear and if you need help just ask :)

Hey, I made an account just because I saw someone more experienced willing to help. I'm currently looking for the best headphones to listen to on the go as well as gaming that are under $125. I mostly listen to Indie Electronica, but sometimes Alt Rock and Classical Music for studying. I value Sound Quality (not necessarily the precision but the "fun" aspect of it) and Comfort. Looked for headphones for about a month and still dont know what to get. I am eying the Seinheiser Monentum On Ear because people say it is the best sound quality for the money but have been hesitant because it seems to lack in comfort and On Ear outperforms in in Sound Quality (which is out of my price range). I listen to 320 KB music on spotify if that helps. Please help since I am kind of at a dead end since I don't know what to look for and ask me questions which would help u answer.

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Look for:

Philips fidelio m1wt

Sony mdrxb950ap

Akg q460 lime

Sennheiser hd239

They are in your price range, choose one that you like or do some research and look for other suggestions, if I have to choose one I'll pick up Sony headphones, they look good and their build quality is not bad, good luck!
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All the things I've got so far came by accident and just looking around, not really expecting what to come across. I recently did a big record haul and was given a pair of Koss K/6X Plus - yeah, I know they aren't great but for some reason I had memories of playing with my father's receiver back when I was a kid...though I don't remember what gear he had back then. But that kind of started my venture into looking for something better + keeping my eyes open. I always wonder about stuff I've seen in thrift stores that I just passed up because of the lack of knowledge. Thanks all!

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