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  1. Vladco

    Denver Area Head-Fi Meet Nov 11th 2023

    Dam I assemble my stuff and got an emergency. To arrive an hour or two late not right. I really going to miss it Sorry guys
  2. Vladco

    Denver Area Head-Fi Meet Nov 11th 2023

    I hope what attending the meeting will help me to justify upgrading equipment. Can we choose a few track what will be on all the systems? Usually we compare apples and oranges- different sources and tracks. For me it'll be very difficult to compare. Are anybody wiling to start swapping phones...
  3. Vladco

    Denver Area Head-Fi Meet Nov 11th 2023

    Do you have place for one more person? I used to have modest rig what sound barely adequate. It was getting worst for last week until yesterday I accidentally connect another laptop. Difference was stunning -day and night. I would like to compare it to pretty good systems stuff I got. I can...
  4. Vladco

    Headphones for fun - engagins

    Thank you for the responses. It's very different from I was thinking about.
  5. Vladco

    Headphones for fun - engagins

    Which phones you use for fun or you get engaged with music? On high end stuff it’s subject of dimi nished returns. You can have very expensive very good cans but listen (enjoying) more different less expensive ones. Choice is huge. Reasons are too. Or difference for some of us is insignificant...
  6. Vladco

    Feedback by 'Vladco' on listing 'Dynahi'

    Amp as described. Super fast shipping and packed as a tank. Recommended.
  7. Vladco

    Colorado Head-Fi Meet 2023 Saturday February 11th

    Congratulation guys on meet. I usually lurking here and don't post too much. I mostly switch to speakers but using my head rig too. I probably skip this meet for number of reasons like downtown parking- just don't like it. My main rig include upgraded single power supreme with sens...
  8. Vladco

    Feedback by 'Vladco' on listing 'Sabaj D5 DAC/Amp'

    Great seller. Very fast shipping. Dac as described.
  9. Vladco

    Where are all of the builders?

    I used to have fun browsing headfi DIY section. Some decisions and attitude of management practically kill it – not the lack of demand or need for DIY. Other reasons are secondary. May be it was too successful and was made decision to kill the traffic. I don’t know. I respect headfi. It's still...
  10. Vladco

    Next project EHHA?

    Thank you guys for the responces. Also I'm looking for the complete proven project not for raw ideas because things could get complicated very fast. It's possible to work on project for very long time. It could be PCB or P2P.  I appreciate any ideas or leads what help me to find project. Vlad
  11. Vladco

    Next project EHHA?

    I use mostly HD650. Vlad
  12. Vladco

    Next project EHHA?

    I plan to get project under $1000. Nothing is written on stone. It can be stretched if needed and can be justified. EHHA sounded wonderful so is Blue Hawaii. Vlad
  13. Vladco

    Next project EHHA?

        On last Denver meeting I listen to EHHA and I like it very much. 1. Is it one of the best DIY amps? Or better tube or tube hybrid amps exist? 2. Is 6gm8 tubes still available? Or it possible to substitute them for different ones? 3. Which board to use EHHA, EHHA version A or wait for new...
  14. Vladco

    Trying to hear the difference between 320 mp3 vs flac (16/24-bit, 44.1/88.2)

    You can't do it in you system. Easyest way is to ask some body with good gear - you my find mate in you area- or attend good shop, meeting, show or some thing like this. Vlad
  15. Vladco

    6/22/13 Denver Colorado Summer Meet

    Probably I'm in too if nothing major happened. It's to early to say definitely. I switch to speakers but still have my gear. I'll bring in netbook with m2tech hiface ( or squeezebox touch) , buffalo 2 dac, PPAv2, HD650. I've got a few DIY amps available on request if anybody interested to listen...
  16. Vladco

    The Deals Thread II. (READ THE FIRST POST!)

    Sennheiser CX280 $19 at newegg now I don't know how long it last or even if it real or fake - price too good to be true Vlad
  17. Vladco

    Rockhopper M^3 - The Review

    Quote: In good setup with decent recording. System as good as you weak link even if you spend a lot of money. Also all rules got exceptions. You need to try before you buy. Local head-fy meetings or mates are you source. Vlad
  18. Vladco

    HD 600 - do I need another amp?

    Bee inthe Attic You should ask yourself question: What do I want from my system? After that I suggest to find good store or mate in yours area or headfi meting and listen for the pleasure the music you usually do. If you like what you hear you find the way to make it true. If not money will be...
  19. Vladco

    Easy DIY DAC that isn't the gamma 2?

    If you able to shell out some cash you could try twisted pear buffalo with PS and IV stage. Of cause it much more expensive. Vlad
  20. Vladco

    O2 Build Complete: Let the objective, subjective listening tests commence!

    Sorry no one size fit all Vlad
  21. Vladco

    O2 Build Complete: Let the objective, subjective listening tests commence!

    Quote: Cmon opamp is opamp, power supply is power supply, caps are caps, interconnects are interconnects unless you prove to yourself other wise. Also you could install small decoupling cap under the board the board on + and - power supply legs of opamps. 10 to 100 nF  It may or may...
  22. Vladco

    O2 Build Complete: Let the objective, subjective listening tests commence!

      Quote:       B22 is the reference design. It cost 20 ( or 100 if you are crazy) times more than O2.It's impressive  what it could hold against B22. Vlad.
  23. Vladco

    O2 Build Complete: Let the objective, subjective listening tests commence!

      Quote: Hennyo you comparing apples and oranges. O2 is a good portable and minimax is a desktop amp. IMHO you system lack decent source and interconnects. If you will keep open mind you'll be surprised. Vlad