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  1. demoNMaCHiN3

    Starcraft 2

    Quote: Talking out your ass and insisting that you are right doesn't make you right. You ignore everything I said then say HURF DURF ITS 50 MS LAG NOOB without any evidence. The fact that you're trying to compare LCD delay to internet latency issues shows just how clueless you are.
  2. demoNMaCHiN3

    Starcraft 2

    Quote:   Originally, yes, LAN was a necessary feature for SC1 because internet speed and access was very limited then. Today, however, it is not.   Quote: actually no, I've been gaming competitively for a long time. If this were an FPS then yes, 30-50 ms vs. 5 ms is...
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    Starcraft 2

    Quote: LAN is a useless feature; this is the 21st century and everyone has access to the internet
  4. demoNMaCHiN3

    Starcraft 2

    Quote:   Then you need to look around once you log in to You'll find a link to:   Go there and look through the different units.
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    Would you rather live in the ascendency or descedency of a civilization?

    Quote:   Same here but preferably with the zombies :]
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    Ultrasone Pro 2500 vs Ultrasone HFI 780

    use the search button
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    Strange PM's

    Quote: Sounds legit to me.
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    Whats up with people and cats on this site?

    Quote: you must be new to the internetz
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    Ctrl shortcuts

    alt + print screen <-- takes screenshot of only the active window windows + pause/break <-- opens up system properties
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    Any anime series that you've been enjoying?

    Quote: I actually loved the animation and thought it was very proper for the show.
  11. demoNMaCHiN3

    MDR-SA5000 with iBasso D4

    I'm not sure where you're located but you can get it for $350 on
  12. demoNMaCHiN3

    iPhone 4

    Quote: "My conclusion is that all the hype has been just hype," Webb says. "It's not any more sensitive to hand position that was the first-generation iPhone--and probably many other phones on the market."   Look at the test in my link to anandtech. Signal Attenuation Comparison...
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    iPhone 4

      Quote:     I don't know about you, but when I get a new product, I expect it to work. Also, it is most definitely not a null issue (see the signal comparison table in the middle of ), especially when you consider that dB is on...
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    Back to school laptop recommendations

    Quote: he's asking for serious recommendations not ways to waste money
  15. demoNMaCHiN3

    THE definite pair of cans for gaming, music, AND movies? What do you think?

      Quote: HOW did you get a pair new for $350?
  16. demoNMaCHiN3

    MINI challenges Porsche to race; Porsche refuses

    Mini found a 911 driver who would do the challenge and he absolutely dominated Mini.
  17. demoNMaCHiN3

    Headphone shirts?

    that teeshirt was on last week but it didn't have the "addict" on the headband
  18. demoNMaCHiN3

    Love the new colour scheme!

    to be honest I think this new color scheme is significantly worse.
  19. demoNMaCHiN3

    Any Drum N' bass recommendations?

    LTJ Bukem Amon Tobin Goldie Grooverider Ed Rush & Optical Andy C Adam F Roni Size Dillinja Shy FX Spor Noisia Calyx Teebee Dieselboy Chase & Status Sub Focus High Contrast Aphrodite Matrix Fabio Concord Dawn
  20. demoNMaCHiN3

    Chevron's intentional decades-long toxic wastewater dumping in Ecuador -- 10 times the size of the BP disaster

    Quote: That's the problem with some of the mods here. They ignore threads until they notice people are saying things that go contrary to the position they maintain so they delete the thread.
  21. demoNMaCHiN3

    Possibly Fake Ultrasone HFI-780's?

    you need to post some pics
  22. demoNMaCHiN3

    Do the World Cup horns (vuvuzelas) irritate you or not?

    Quote: they've begun to phase out the sound of the vuvuzelas on the broadcasts. Also, most of the fans in that stadium were from Mexico.