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  1. BenignButDeadly

    Reply to review by 'benignbutdeadly' on item 'Graham Slee Bitzie USB DAC/Amp'

    Nice review, very detailed and readable. I'm looking for a portable amp powerful enough to drive my Fidelio X2s which I received today. They have a relatively small impedance of 32 ohms, and I really don't want to spend too much money. Do you have any suggestions?
  2. BenignButDeadly

    DT770 pro vs DT150 vs Yamaha HPH-MT220

    From what I've heard, the DT150 should outshine the other two by a fair margin in terms of balance, soundstage and overall SQ. I've so far read nothing but positive reviews about them, and if you don't like the stock pleather pads it seems that you can replace them with velour pads meant for...
  3. BenignButDeadly

    Closed headphone for Jazz and acoustic music

    I live in Europe, so the ZMF v1 and the Paradox are impossible to get at a decent price, because they are modded on a small scale in America and the cost of shipping adds roughly 100$ to the total. I encountered the same problem with the Alpha Dogs, which  looked great but just went too far...
  4. BenignButDeadly

    Closed headphone for Jazz and acoustic music

    Thanks for the recommendation. I had heard of the DT770 before, but they cost so much less than the other headphones I was considering that I didn't bother to look into them properly. I very rarely listen to music away from my desk, so maybe it's a bit silly of me to want an easy-to-drive...
  5. BenignButDeadly

    Closed headphone for Jazz and acoustic music

    For a little over a month now I've been trawling through review after review of pretty much every headphone in my price range (around 300$ to 500$), and though I have eliminated many headphones from my list for various reasons, I still haven't quite managed to decide between the few that remain...