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  1. justinmayfield

    Status Audio Studio Monitor Volume Discount Program

    The Status Audio team is happy to share our new Volume Discount program on our CB-1 Studio Monitor Headphones. In 2015 we introduced our CB-1 Studio Monitor Headphones, a workhorse designed to sound great, feel comfortable, and appeal to all types of listeners. Its 50mm drivers, neutral-but-fun...
  2. justinmayfield

    Anyone try the Status Audio BT One?

    Sounds good! The BT Ones also feature a BT 5.0 chipset and 30 hours of battery life, just for comparison (granted, the BT Ones do not have active noise canceling tech - we decided to keep these lean and mean). Thanks for your interest!
  3. justinmayfield

    Anyone try the Status Audio BT One?

    Justin from Status here - since this post (sorry, we're new to the community), we've had some BT One reviews posted by Brent Butterworth (Soundstage Solo), Business Insider and Super Review. Lots of customer reviews of course on our website as well (not sure if that's what you're looking for...