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Nov 26, 2018
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The Status Audio team is happy to share our new Volume Discount program on our CB-1 Studio Monitor Headphones.

In 2015 we introduced our CB-1 Studio Monitor Headphones, a workhorse designed to sound great, feel comfortable, and appeal to all types of listeners. Its 50mm drivers, neutral-but-fun tuning, and non-branded look helped it immediately stand out. Reviewers quickly took note.




We’ve been thrilled with the positive feedback we’ve received, even from Head-fi members, but we’re especially proud of our ongoing support from the professional audio community.

What the editors say:
"Their soundstage is wide — wider than you have any right to expect from a closed-back headphone in this price range — and their stereo imaging is superb."
— Vlad Savov, Senior Editor at The Verge

“The CB-1's beautifully balanced tone came to the fore with the Christian McBride Big Band's "Bringin' It" album. The swinging horn charts might be too piercing with a lesser headphone, but the CB-1 had no such issues.”
— Steve Gutenburg, Cnet’s Audiophiliac blog

Producers and musicians constantly reach out to tell us the CB-1 has become their go-to headphone for recording, mixing, or mastering. In many cases they’ve ordered multiple pairs to outfit their entire recording studio at once, which they’re able to do because of the CB-1’s $79 price.

But we wanted to make it an even better value, and enable even more people to make the switch, so we’ve launched the CB-1 Volume Discount Program:

5+ units = 20% off

10+ units = 25% off

20+ units = contact for pricing

This isn’t a limited-time offer; we’re going to honor it going forward.

This discount was designed for recording studios, but it’s available to anyone who buys headphones in bulk — educators, video production teams, client gift-givers, or folks who want to knock out their holiday shopping in a single click.

The goal of this program is to enable creative professionals around the world to get their work done without being limited by their budget.

What the engineers say:
"The CB-1’s are still a big hit with musicians. We’ve been setting them up as our main phones, only digging into our old stock of ATs when we have more musicians than CB-1s. Everyone so far has commented that they’re super comfortable and sound great.”
Chris Allen - chief engineer at Sear Sound in NYC

"We purchased several of those earlier this year, and they’ve become quite popular in the studio with our clients. We do of-course have many top-shelf models of headphones to choose from, and the CB-1’s seem to be going head to head with the best of them."
Ed Kraut — manager of Phat Planet Studios in Orlando, Florida

" loved the first pair, and bought two more. Hands down the best headphones for the price, and better than many costing twice as much. Great mixing reference, and musicians love tracking with them."
Ulrich Wild — Grammy nominated producer, mixer, and engineer

"The CB-1 combines everything you could want in a set of tracking headphones: natural, even frequency response; comfortable for extended use; rugged and dependable; and they're extremely affordable."
Justin Douglas — manager of King Electric Studio in Austin, Texas


For more information on how to place a bulk order, please get in touch with us through

Our website: (we ship to the United States, Canada, UK and Europe)

Amazon US
Amazon UK
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