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  1. Dutchi MerenGue

    Swan M10 or Bose Companion 2

    the bass isnt really strong at all, most people place them on their desk because it just isnt powerful enough to feel when placed on the floor.  as far as sound goes it really does help fill out the bottom registers, they're probably going to put out more bass than the micca bookshelfs you're...
  2. Dutchi MerenGue

    Can YOU really tell the difference between 320 and lossless?? Take this test!

    4 out of 5! got the last one wrong. maybe i just dont like the dixie chicks or was in rush? lol ironically that was the only one i was almost positive i had right     my setup was grant fidelity tubedac 11 with the tube buffer stage output going into a pair of yamaha ys5 studio monitors, line...
  3. Dutchi MerenGue

    REVIEW: Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11

    i recently had to move my setup around and right now i have my subwoofer (polk psw 505) hooked up directly to the line out so that i can route my pc audio as well as my home theatre audio throught the tubedac 11     is this safe? my fear is that the output on the tubedac 11 could somehow blow...
  4. Dutchi MerenGue

    REVIEW: Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11

    just came in to say, if your volume pot ever gets crackly, before you go out to buy a can of deoxit or something similar, try turning your pot all the way left to right, back and forth about 20 to 30 times to clear out any dust etc.     that crackling was driving me crazy, i thought it was my...
  5. Dutchi MerenGue

    Calling All "Vintage" Integrated/Receiver Owners

    yeah that actually sounds alot like what might be wrong with this. i might try to look into getting it fixed if the price isnt too high but in either case im most likely going to sell it. i originally bought it to power some passive speakers i no longer have and also for the awesome headphone...
  6. Dutchi MerenGue

    Calling All "Vintage" Integrated/Receiver Owners

    ...but i did test the headphone jack with some throwaway koss headphones and a portable mp3 source and it worked but it was really noisy. sounded like **** frankly. the connection was sub optimal so im not ruling out the player and interconnects werent at fault but right now its looking like the...
  7. Dutchi MerenGue

    Swan M50W 2.1 v/s Swan M10 2.1 v/s Audioengine A5 2.0 Review

    ive had to swan m10's for about 3 years now and loved them for the first year and a half until i guess something blew out inside of the subwoofer, i guess maybe i pushed them too hard. they rattle on most frequencies where bass registers. so basically they're useless     ive upgraded to...
  8. Dutchi MerenGue

    RCA to XLR interface?

    Ahhh, thanks to the both of you, I was afraid I would have to spend the same or more I did on the speakers just to get the, to interface with my gear, thanks for the quick response from you 2
  9. Dutchi MerenGue

    RCA to XLR interface?

    I just bought some yamaha hs5 studio monitors and I need a way for them to interface with my grant fidelity tubedac 11 (dac/amp combo) which only have rca outs. They offer line level out, solid state and tube outs all via RCA but my speakers can on,y take xlr or trs What's the best way for me...
  10. Dutchi MerenGue

    KOSS KDE-250 Owners club - The privileged few...

    I'm late I know but tilting them is exactly what I would have suggested lol As far as everything else, my ears are wierd, i use the smallest hook on my right ear and tilt the earphones back while twisting the clasp I guess inwardly, on the other ear i use the medium hook, still tilt them back...
  11. Dutchi MerenGue

    LOD for PSP Go?

    4 years late but maybe this will help someone down the road. There's a Chinese made headphone remote control that plugs into the pspgo dock for audio, I haven't tested it out yet to see if it truly bypasses the amp to give you line out but i hint it does. I plan on hooking it up my digizoid and...
  12. Dutchi MerenGue

    Sony XB500? PLEASE HELP

    m50's will probably last you longer in the end. i've had 3 pairs of xb500's and always end up blowing a driver on them
  13. Dutchi MerenGue

    How much bass do the ATH-PRO700 MK2 have?

    With eq settings biased towards bass frequencies and amped to good volume, these will obliterate you on the right song. Stock out of the box with no eq theyre nothing. Completely unimpressive. But after some burn in and the above mentioned steps you should be more than happy. Comfort on...
  14. Dutchi MerenGue

    ATH-M50s vs XB-500s vs Other

    I've blown out the drivers on 3 separate pairs of xb500's while amping them Word of caution my friend.
  15. Dutchi MerenGue

    Ultrasone Pro 900 Vs Sony XB 1000 Or Suggestions For Subsonic bass-head cans?

    I actually never heard the xb700's, i had the 500's and skipped right over to the 1000's 700's didnt seem like they appealed to me, didnt have tthe powerful punch of midbass of the 500's or go as low as the 1000's in sub bass, a happy middle ground i suppose, but i like extremes in all things lol
  16. Dutchi MerenGue

    Suggest me some headphones with good bass that can vibrate and shake your head?

    No offense but the last thing in the world you would want to recommend a basshead is a pair of grado anythings Grado's are known the world over for their treble, the highs (often strident highs depending on who's telling the story) bass is not exactly a priority with grados especially in the...
  17. Dutchi MerenGue

    Ultrasone Pro 900 Vs Sony XB 1000 Or Suggestions For Subsonic bass-head cans?

    I have the xb1000 and believe me when I say that if sub bass is what you want sub bass is what you will get. Make sure you have an amp, 70 mm drivers aren't all that easy o drive out of an iPhone This set is perfect for uk based dubstep like emalkay and loefah which focus more on the lower...
  18. Dutchi MerenGue

    Suggest me some headphones with good bass that can vibrate and shake your head?

    ...definetly in my experience thats the case and they can be eq'd even further but the quality of the bass isn't all that, kind of muddy and also I've blown out the drivers on 3 ******* pairs already, amp with caution. Never heard the q40's but theyre supposed to be comparable to the ath...
  19. Dutchi MerenGue

    Some more bass please.

    q40 pretty much
  20. Dutchi MerenGue

    Suggest me some headphones with good bass that can vibrate and shake your head?

    before i suggest anything, you have an amp right? 
  21. Dutchi MerenGue

    Best Bass Headphones in The World

      how much does the bass differ from the th-900 to the lcd-2? i kno you have both but i've never seen anyone speak on it   also how different is the bass between the th-900 & the th-600?
  22. Dutchi MerenGue

    Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

    Jesterphile is correct. A nice vintage integrated amp may be what you're looking for. If bass is what you're after and youre on a budget, an o2 amp has enough juice to power a pair of lcd-2's with ease and then all you need is a good digital graphic eq or good bass dsp plugins for foobar or...
  23. Dutchi MerenGue

    Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

    I dont know what set up you have or what music you listen to or even if you bother with eq, but out of my pioneer sa-9500 headphone out, with the bass knob turned a couple notches right, my lcd-2's hit harder than my xb1000's with comparable sub bass but way better mid bass slam/punch/kick...
  24. Dutchi MerenGue

    REVIEW: Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11

    That's what I do now, i run the tube out into the o2 amp, its clean, transparent and completely neutral. Zero coloration. I get that sweet tube sound with zero interference from an outside amp signature