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  1. Anew X1 4ba 1dd Free Ship from Aus

    Anew 1, 4ba 1dd hybrid with tuning chips. These are in great condition, there’s a fleabite or two as seen in pics but no big deal. Working perfectly, no channel imbalance or problems of any kind. These are great, see the reviews. Will ship included in the price to USA and UK 10 day express...
  2. Sennheiser IE300 Free Ship From Aus

    Up for sale is my IE300. 100% authentic and working great, no channel imbalance or problems of any kind. The pouch went missing and I pulled out some memory wire out of the original single ended cable. Cable still works fine so not a big deal. I’m not sure if they are the original tips. Price...
  3. Pioneer SE300 Piezoelectric Super Rare

    These are in great condition and working perfectly. They’re an interesting Piezoelectric headphone and super rare in this very good condition. Price includes shipping express from Australia to USA and UK (10 working days), other countries please enquire and I’ll check the shipping price and see...
  4. Sony ZX-507 near mint free ship from Australia

    Hi, up for sale is my Sony zx-507 dap. Not used much and in almost mint condition, never left the house. It comes with its box and is a gorgeous player. I’ve used it on and off for about a year and a half, it’s been in rotation with other daps. It’s a very small player with a nice rich and...
  5. Letshuoer S12 & Shanling ME500 Free Ship from Aus

    Letshuoer S12 planar iems, 3.5mm cable edition and Shanling ME500 Platinum triple driver hybrid iems. ME500 is Mint, In Box with original cable and tip set. S12 is gently used in excellent condition but no tips included. Would be posted free (included in price) with express to USA and UK, from...
  6. Skullophile

    Comment by 'Skullophile' in item 'Tangzu Wan'er S.G'

    I hope the Poon-Tangzu Wiener Sounds Good
  7. Mint LZ A7 tri-hybrid 7 driver iems

    These have only been used for roughly 10 hours, not burned in (non believer). They're mint, never taken outside. Includes all filters, everything except the tips. I can supply some unused tips if you like. I've had about 15 iems on rotation so the iems I was using hardly racked up any hours. 1st...
  8. Skullophile

    Feedback by 'Skullophile' on listing 'Empire Ears ESR universal'

    Great buyer, highly recommended.
  9. Skullophile

    Reply to review by 'Skullophile' on item 'Moondrop Aria 2021'

    Seems like a shill review
  10. Moondrop S8 New Generation 8ba Solution

    Up for sale are these Moondrop S8, 8ba iems. Used for only about 3 hours. Mint condition, bought from HifiGo I can't find the original single ended cable that came with it so I will include the one pictured. Chanced are you're going to use a balanced iem cable with it anyway. . Can be...
  11. Skullophile

    Review by 'Skullophile' on item 'iBasso IT00'

    Well the pros and cons pretty much sums it up. I like how the price is low but that's about it. They're a fun listen, but the treble sounds un-natural, spikey, sizzley and splashy. The headstage is medium to small and the mids are super intimate. The mid bass hump is not for me either and the...
  12. Skullophile

    iBasso IT04 IEM, 4 Drivers. Enjoy the Music! Release: July 2, 2018

    That sounds like it’s gonna get worse. I had a pair of LZA2 triple hybrids that lost bass sound in one side. I had flexed the Dynamic driver from ripping them outta my ears too quick. I fixed the problem by blowing a quick burst of breath in through the nozzle of the iem with my mouth. Sounds...
  13. Skullophile

    IEM Score List 2023 - What's Your Favorite IEM?

    Fortuna’s enjoyment of each trait which goes hand in hand with how good that trait is, that’s how I have interpreted the score system.
  14. Skullophile

    The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

    My pair is just >500 serial number.
  15. Skullophile

    The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

    Can’t sell new crap without discontinuing the old.
  16. Skullophile

    iBasso DX120 pure DAP player. Balanced, single ended, line out and 2 micro SD slots. FW 2.9.21 now out!

    ^if powering IT04 or sensitive iems and you don’t want hiss?
  17. Skullophile

    iBasso dx120?

    So DX120 hisses with It04?
  18. Skullophile

    iBasso IT04 IEM, 4 Drivers. Enjoy the Music! Release: July 2, 2018

    I think it04 is the end of the road for me. Nothing sounds out of place and means I’m listening to the music again and not to the iem. Great job. The DX120 looks pretty sweet too
  19. Skullophile

    iBasso IT04 IEM, 4 Drivers. Enjoy the Music! Release: July 2, 2018

    Twister and many others I trust if u love it I’m sure I’ll love it! Thanks for your efforts I for one of many appreciate it! H-if is great because of you guys!
  20. Skullophile

    iBasso IT04 IEM, 4 Drivers. Enjoy the Music! Release: July 2, 2018

    The dude with the dick re-zero avatar has joined the club. Hopefully in 4 days I’ll have these puppies!! This is the first time in my history of stalking threads that nobody has mentioned an objective weakness to an iem in three weeks of them being out. This is balls to the wall enough that I...
  21. Skullophile

    iBasso IT04 IEM, 4 Drivers. Enjoy the Music! Release: July 2, 2018

    I have a question for it03 and it04 owners. Does the it03’s treble make the treble of it04 sound metallic (cymbals too high pitched) or the other way around?