Closed: Sony ZX-507 near mint free ship from Australia
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Hi, up for sale is my Sony zx-507 dap. Not used much and in almost mint condition, never left the house. It comes with its box and is a gorgeous player. I’ve used it on and off for about a year and a half, it’s been in rotation with other daps. It’s a very small player with a nice rich and slightly smooth Sony house sound signature. Because it’s a small player the battery life suffers (the trade off for having such a small battery). I have not noticed any degraded battery life since I bought it. (Please see reviews to make sure you’re ok with the reported battery life). There is nothing wrong with the player, channel balance is perfect and there are no problems of any kind. It’s in the same state as when I bought it.
The dap would be shipped from Australia included in the price and would be shipped express which takes between 5 and 12 working days. I can ship for free to USA, UK, Canada but for other countries please message me as I can look up the postage price to make sure i can ship it free to you in whatever country you’re in.

Listed by: Skullophile (12)
Listed: 2023-02-09
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