Prey Nokor, Vietnam
Headphone Inventory
Headphones: Stax SR-X9000


FiiO FF5>FF3;
Longyao Yinman 龙谣音曼 2.0 600Ω Limited Edition;
TGXEar tofino>serratus>alpha>ripples;
RikudouGoku Saber 1>Lancer 1;
NiceHCK EBX21;
Yincrow RW-3000>2000>X6 (White, Red and Gold);
Smabat ST-10s Gold>M3Pro;
Toneking Dendroaspis Viridis (Green Mamba);
FiiO EM5;
Jcally EP09>EP05 (2nd);
Penon PAC

Astell&Kern Empire Ears Odyssey (PW Audio First Times Shielding);
UM Multiverse "Jade" Mentor (PW Audio 1950s Shielding)>UM Mest Indigo (PW Audio 1950s);
FATfreq Meastro SE (Stock);
FiR Audio Xenon 6 (Eletech Aeneid);
64Audio Fourte Blanc (64Audio 4.4mm Shielded Silver-Core Cable);
Oriolus Traillii JP (PW Audio First Times);
Sony IER-Z1R (Lavricables Ultimate Silver);
Dunu Zen Pro (Stock)>Vulcan (Stock)>Vernus (Dunu Viridian);
Campfire Dorado 2020 (Dunu Noble)>Supermoon (Venture Electronics Standard Di Copper);
Meze Advar (EachDIY Graphene 7N OCC Shielding);
Oriolus Isabellae (Dunu Noble);
IMR Dark Matter>Ozar>Zenith II; EDP Ace;
Fiio FD7>FD5 (Fiio LC;
Penon Serial (Dunu Blanche)>Vortex (Venture Electronics VE Standard Dic Vita Cable);
Raptgo Hook-X (Dunu Viridian);
Tri Starlight>Starshine>Star-sea>I3Pro; HBB Kai;
Hifiman RE800 Silver;
KBEar Aurora;
Tin Hifi T3+>T2;
Thieaudio Legacy 5>2;
7HZ Timeless;
SeeAudio Yume Midnight;
Truthear Zero x CRN;
HZSound Heart Mirror;

Burning-in: Sony NW-WM1ZM2; Yincrow RW-3000

On loan previously to @Tzennn: Dunu Vernus with Dunu Viridian Cable; Tri Starshine with Dunu Hulk Pro Cable; Thieaudio Legacy 5 with Dunu Chord Cable; Salnotes Dioko with stock cable

On loan to @Tzenn: HZSound Heart Mirror; Tin Hifi T2; 7Hz Salnotes Dioko; 7Hz Timeless; Raptgo Hook X; IMR EDP Ace

TWS: Apple Airpods Pro; Sony Linkbuds

Incoming: IMR Titan>Seraph+>Elan+; HiBy RS8; Effect Audio Code 23; Sony DMP-Z1>MDR-Z1R; TGXEar Carbon>Totem; Audeze CRBN; Sennheiser HD600S

Wishlist: EE LX-WC (Magenta); Elysian Annihilator 2023

Sold: Hifiman HE400i; 7HZ Salnotes Dioko

Retired: KZ ZS10 Pro; CCA CA16; JCALLY EP05 (retired due to connection issues with right channel); Peacock Flight

Note: KZ ZS10 Pro was given to my son (who has since lost the right iem, how I don't know!); Peacock Flight given to son; CCA CA16 was exchanged for HZSound Heart Mirror; Jcally EP05 was kindly given to me by @Tzennn
Headphone Amp Inventory
DAC/AMP: Cayin RU6; iFi Hip Dac 2; Aune T1s; Xduoo XD05 Basic (with Burson mod)>Link 2; Fiio BTR5

DAC: Chord Hugo TT2; Musician Pegasus; Topping D70s

AMP: Singxer SA-1; Aune X7s; Aroma Stack (A100TB+PS100Pro)

ENERGIZER: KGSSHV Carbon (built by @johnwillmclean)
Source Inventory
Sony NW-WM1ZM2; Cayin N8ii; Shanling M7; Spotify; Tidal; Roon (Life)

Retired: Shanling M6Pro (AK) which is being enjoyed by @Rockwell75 and subsequently by @DanielListening
Cable Inventory
PW Audio First Times Shielding>First Times>Century Series 1950s Shielding>1950s 4-wired>UM Deep of Universe (Jade edition)>Copper M3

Eletech Ode to Laura>Aeneid

Effect Audio Chiron 8W>Ares II

64Audio 4.4mm Shielded Silver-Core Cable

Liquid Links Venom>Martini

Lavricables Ultimate Silver

Dunu DUW-02S>Viridian (2-pin and MMCX)>Chord (2-pin and MMCX)>Blanche (2-pin and MMCX)>Hulk Pro>Noble (2-pin and MMCX)>Amber (2-pin and MMCX)


Tiesound Hybrid Tanzanite Rhodium

Thieaudio Smart Earphone Cable Litz OCC Copper Silver plated 26AWG for Monarch MkII (x2)

Kinera Leyding OFC+Alloy copper with 5N silver plated>Ace Modular Upgrade Cable silver plated OFC, 8 core 3D braided

Tri Wolfram Pure Silver 4 Cores OFC Shielding>Through 4 Core High Purity 5N Single Crystal Copper Silver (MMCX)

KBear Wide 8 core Graphene>Limpid Pro 8 Core Pure Silver>Rhyme 8Core UPOCC Hybrid Copper-Silver (2-pin x1; MMCX x2 (one with earhooks removed))

Fengru Hakugei Soul

Linsoul (Tripowin) Euphrosyne Silver Plated Litz type 6 Braid cable with 140 cores 5N OCC + 240 core silver plated OCC (MMCX Pink (x1) Blue x1)

Xinhs 8 Core Pure Silver and Single Crystal Copper (Copper & Brown) [QDC]

EachDIY Graphene 7N OCC Shielding Coaxial Mixed Earphone Cable (MMCX)

Penon Obsidian>OS133 (2-Pin x 4; QDC, MMCX)>OS849>CS819>4.4 to 4.4 Totem Interconnect

ISN Audio OCC 8 Core (MMCX x3)>S8 8 Strands 19 Cores OCC Sliver-plated (2-pin)

AudioHifiman BL44 Rhodium

NiceHCK EBX21 Silver Plated Copper Cable (MMCX)

Tripowin Noir (2-pin with interchangeable plugs)

Venture Electronics Standard Di Copper>Dic Vita

ddHifi BC130A Air Nyx (MMCX)>TC09s USB-C to USB-C OTG cable>BC44B 4.4 to 4.4 Balanced Interconnect cable

ifi 4.4 to 4.4 Balanced Cable Interconnect

Syrnarn 4.4/3.5 Adapters
Power-Related Components
ifi Supanova; iFi Nova; iFi DC Blocker; iFi iPurifier 3; iFi iSilencer+; iFi iDefender+

Retired: Aune XP3
Other Audio Equipment
iFi Zen Stream>Musician Pegasus>Gustard Interconnects>Swan M300 Mkii

Wireworld Starlight 8 1m; Wireworld Starlight 8 0.6m; Burr-Brown Opamp V5iD; Various ddhifi adapters and dongles
Music Preferences
Classical; Jazz; Fusion; Electronic; Progressive House
Samsung T7 Touch; Various Sandisk Micro SD cards
Aspiring audiophile


Transducers: Headphones: Stax SR-X9000 IEMS: A&K EE Odyssey (FTS); Oriolus Traillii JP (FT); FATfreq Maestro SE (Stock); 64Audio Fourte Blanc (64Audio Silver-Core Shielded); UM Multiverse "Jade" Mentor (1950sS); FiR Audio Xenon 6 (Aeneid); UM Mest Indigo (1950s); Sony IER-Z1R (Lavricables US); Dunu Zen Pro (Stock); Campfire Supermoon (Standard Di Copper)>Dorado 2020 (Noble); Tri Starlight (Soul); Meze Advar (EachDIY); Oriolus Isabellae (Noble); IMR Zenith II (Stock); Penon Vortex (Dic Vita); CCA CRA (Xinhs); ECCI YST 02 (Stock) Earbuds: TGXEar78 Ripples; FiiO FF5>FF3; Longyao Yinman 龙谣音曼 2.0 600Ω Limited Edition; Yincrow RW-3000>RW-2000; Smabat ST10-S (Black Gold); Yincrow X6
Portable: Sony NW-WM1ZM2; Cayin N8ii; Shanling M7>Aroma A100TB+PS100
DAC/Amp: KGSSHV Carbon (@johnwillmclean); Chord Hugo TT2