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    Long night at Best Buy (Stuck in store over an hour)

    Nobody was stopping me from leaving, I just figured it'd be a done deal in about 10 or so minutes and I know a lot of the employees there so I figured I'd wait it out..bad idea lol.
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    Should I buy Geek Squads Proection Plan for my Beats headphones?

    They say it's a replacement plan that covers accidental damage so if I were to drop them and they don't work or break I'm covered which is what I want..But I normally take good care of my stuff and really don't see myself ever dropping them. What do you guys think? I think it will cost...
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    Is Best Buy / Skullcandy selling used headphones?

    Okay so 2 days ago I bought a pair of Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 Paul Franks, I had returned the pair today cause I noticed a stitching defect in the headband strands were coming out and there was a bit of space between the stitching that wasn't on the otherside of the headband that made me think it...
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    Just found a pair of beats by dre Solo dumpster diving at GameStop

    Don't know why they would toss this in the trash but it was in there has tag on it and everything.
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    Shopping for new headphones need some advice

    Thanks, I just took a look at B&H Photo Video's website, but I don't see anything I like within my price range.   So far I have these 2 in mind but am leaning more towards the Shure   Shure SRH240A   Sennheiser HD419...
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    Shopping for new headphones need some advice

    Just checked Best Buy's website, the only Sennheiser they have in stock at a few local stores are these below.   I'm on J&R's website looking as well but...
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    Shopping for new headphones need some advice

    I will be using them both in doors and out doors while gaming on my Nintendo 3DS sometimes on a subway and mostly will be used in New York City, so I suppose there may be some noise while out and about. Don't really care about bothering the people around me honestly lol.   I honestly did...